About Little Boat Translations

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Little Boat Translation. We’re just starting out so we appreciate your patience in dealing with our problem as we figure out how to better translate Chinese web novels into English.

We only do this as a hobby not a serious profession, so do note that this is only fan translation and we do guarantee that it is 100% accurate. If there is grammar error and translation error we do appreciate it you can specifically point it out and also correct the error in the comment area.

Thank you for all the readers who comment weather it is thank you comment or point it out the error. We really appreciate it. ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡

Disclaimer: All our translations are done by half MTLing but we do a lot of research using Baidu and dictionary and paraphrasing the sentence. While it is not the best we place importance in both accuracy and flow to our translations but we will never sacrifice accuracy for the sake of flow.

You may not agree with our style but it is the style that we’re going with. We hope you enjoy our translations and we’re always open for feedback (whether it positive or negative) as we want to improve our work to give justice to the novels we translate.


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