I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 27.1

If Fang Shubai is here, You Qiuqiu will tell him loudly that she doesn’t like it.She previously stated that she enjoyed it because she was afraid of being recognized.

Fans, on the other hand, have long suspected that she is the one who sells citrus. For several days, they have been squatting in the live broadcast room. Mr. Sheng is also aware, and he hurriedly turns on the air conditioning at her plush attacked her with a supercilious look.

What else is she pretending right now?



Following the official announcement of six guests in 《Leisure Time》, it also marked the variety’s premiere show.

The majority of the first viewers were fans of Cui Jiannan and Tao Anjie, everyone went directly for the two of them.

This is also why the program team spent so much money to invite these two people.
Cui Jiannan has acted in many well-known TV dramas. He appeared gentle and elegant, and he possesses exceptional acting abilities. Tao Anjie’s songs make extensive use of his powerful singing abilities. He will directly slaughter the major music charts every time a new song is released. He has become a well-known lover of children and wives in the circle since becoming a father.

Ma Juan has a filter for roles. She is a very kind elder, and her passers-by group is one of the top traffic. Shi Jing is also excellent, and her personality is controversial, with black and red popularity.

Shi Jing, on the other hand, has few fans because she hasn’t appeared before.However, they did not expect, a new variety shows that was nothing out of the ordinary on the night to fall into the pit of a female artist named You Qiuqiu 18th line.

There was a cut of each star’s interviews in the car at the start of the show. Cui Jiannan’s interaction was very educated, and Tao Anjie is also very nice. Fang Shubai has a lively personality and even interacts with the cast of the show. The camera zooms in on You Qiuqiu.

After getting on the show crew car and greeting the camera, She just lay there as they watched her eyelids get heavier and heavier, and she fell asleep.

Audience:? ? ?

How did she fall asleep?

The program group inserts text into the You Qiuqiu segment——

【Normal shooting, not a static image, because there was no time to tell You Qiuqiu about the interview, she slept too soundly and never woke up, the camera brother did not have the heart to call her, and the interview in the car was lost.】

Messages gradually appeared on the barrage.

“Hahaha f*ck, what kind of reality is this? I just suspected it was a problem with my Internet connection. It’s no surprise she remained motionless. It turned out that she was sleeping all the time.”

“Camera brother, are you enamored with her beauty and couldn’t bear waking her up? (A dog’s head)”

“Hey, it’s kind of cute and really pretty; is it newcomer?”

“It seems to be the one that was on the hot search for falling asleep at the awards ceremony before. She’s slept like this before?”

The program team put You Qiuqiu to sleep for a few seconds in her interview segment, and she slept peacefully.

The main reason is that she looks good, and she is not her face being photographed. Some people are still wondering if it is a bare face.

The previous introduction in the car was quite satisfactory, except for You Qiuqiu, who slept over and was praised for good looks, they skipped it.

Everyone’s attention is once again drawn to the other guests who arrived early at the residence.

Until Fang Shubai heard that You Qiuqiu was approaching and he was going to catch You Qiuqiu, Fang Shubai’s fans made popular science on the barrage.

“The two of them had previously filmed《Hello Acting》 together, and it appears that their relationship is great.”

Cui Jiannan also asked Fang Shubai to accompany her.

The barrage was no longer gentle this time, and it suddenly became swift—

High energy ahead, please keep in mind that this is not an exercise, and non-combatants should flee immediately!!

The audience watching behind didn’t know what was about to happen. The sign on the screen was like a smile, and it seemed that the gentle and elegant Film Emperor Cui didn’t know what he would experience.

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