I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 27.2

The famous high-energy scene appeared.

When Fang Shubai saw You Qiuqiu get out of the car, the first thing he said was not a greeting, but “Senior sister, I already enquire around here. You can eat Jiannan Ge. Jiannan Ge has Sichuan cuisine flavor which is spicy flavor, and the taste is much better than Fujianese.”

Cui Jiannan’s face was cut in a timely manner by the program crew.

His expression is also very vivid, ranging from a smile to panic, and is accompanied by the words [smile gradually lost], but it no longer has the same dramatic effect.

Audience: What’s the matter, do you want to eat people while filming a show?


Cui Jiannan’s fan: Protect our Cui Ge, but Cui Ge’s scared expression is really weird and cute 2333.

You Qiuqiu, appeared in front of the audience to explain this. She made a joke to Fang Shubai about Cantonese eating Fujianese. Then, fearing thet she really thought of him, Fang Shubai tried to push out Cui Jiannan who can eat a spicy Sichuan cuisine.

She also made a threat to Fang Shubai. Sichuanese cannot be eaten by Cantonese. They can eat Fujianese because it is not too spicy. Fang Shubai’s expression is equally amusing.

Some viewers thanked you, while others laughed.

Before the senior sisters and younger brothers appeared on the show and went to the hot search together, there are still many people who remember the kidney accident. Now they are together again, people can’t help but want to laugh at the beginning.
With this start, the barrage also became more cheerful.

“You’re an idol, Fang Shubai, how naive, hahaha.”

“Yes, we Cantonese can’t eat spicy food, but we have a bigger appetite when we eat Fujianese.”

“Fujianese people are shivering. I don’t taste very good.”

“I don’t believe the Fujianese, unless… let me take a bite!”

Netizens have followed up the rest of Fang Shubai’s statement that Sichuanese people are spicy with their brains.

Jiangsu people are sweet, Zhejiang people are sweet and salty, and Shandong’s pancake rolls have a green onion flavor.

Netizens followed and played together.

As a result of this unexpected start, it gradually became You Qiuqiu’s home court.She didn’t fight for the camera specifically, but netizens thought she was hilarious!


You Qiuqiu borrowed a pedicab to let the actor sell his face in order for the three of them to return to their residence. When Fang Shubai was still a little lost, saying why not let him go, You Qiuqiu described his hair as a traffic light.

The three people’s performance almost made the audience laugh.

Cui Jiannan’s fans were not dissatisfied when he was “forced to sell his face,” but rather overjoyed.

Thank you, You Qiuqiu, for helping Cui Ge understand his appearance correctly. He was originally a handsome man, and they had long admired Cui Jiannan. In fact, they know that Cui Jiannan is a person who appears to be well-spoken but is actually more reserved.

It is unusual to see so many small expressions in such a short period of time. Even seeing him shy, they must admit that it comes as a huge surprise.

Fans of Fang Shubai thought the red-haired Xiao Fang was also very attractive. When You Qiuqiu said the traffic lights, it reminded them of the previous yellow-haired Xiao Fang.

Fang Shubai’s fan: It’s over… They seem to be brainwashed, and they also feel like a traffic light.

When riding a pedicab, You Qiuqiu was greeted by the gentleman’s barrage.”I’m typing with both hands to demonstrate innocence.”

“This leg…I can do it again!”

You Qiuqiu was puffing hard while pedaling the pedicab, and there were two big men behind him. Not to mention how amusing this image was.

Passers-by: “I think You Qiuqiu is good, and she can still pull two male artists with a pedicab. She has good physical fitness.”

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