I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 27.3

You Qiuqiu’s Mom and Dad fans that know the truth and witness You Qiuqiu being tortured by the gym: All of this most likely began with the first Mukbang live broadcast.
Mukbang live broadcast caused the cub to gain ten catties, and Mukbang live broadcast taught the cubs about the exercise bike in the gym.

Look, is the appearance of the cub riding a pedicab exactly the same as riding an exercise bike?

Mom and Dad are overjoyed that their cubs have been discovered, but they want to make her pants a little longer. These pants are a little shorter, and it’s fine if they reach her ankles.


Another high-energy moment occurred when the three of them returned to their home. Fang Shubai complained that You Qiuqiu’s singing was poor.

Barrage: “I have one thing to say, I feel a bit bad.”; “You Qiuqiu did not hum well before.”; “It was more casual back then, now she officially sings, I can listen carefully. Tao Anjie thinks You Qiuqiu sounds good, and I don’t think he’s wrong.”

After You Qiuqiu opened her voice, netizens regretted it.

They regret it as much as Tao Anjie.

What kind of death singer is this?

Looking for a set of ears that have never heard You Qiuqiu sing.

You Qiuqiu, a female artist, is very attractive, but she cannot sing.


The TV station where 《Leisure Time》 was filmed was very powerful this time. The director of this show is worthy of the directors of several popular variety shows, and he has cut out everything that netizens want to watch.

The director makes no boasts. He believes that such a positive effect is due not only to him but also to these six people. They’re all laughing and busting a gut in this scene.
It would be too boring if this was replaced by the other group of people. He wants to cut out so much material, even though most of the scenes filmed do not require it. There are far too many stalks, but the dramatic effect is excellent.

Consider Shi Jing as an example. Originally, they invited her in order for her to tear X with the show’s guests and cause havoc. Shi Jing wanted to rip X apart, but she was looking for You Qiuqiu. She couldn’t tear it up after meeting You Qiuqiu. You Qiuqiu didn’t seem to have the female artist’s instinct to tear X.

As a result, the painting style evolved into an unusual one.

Shi Jing ripped X with people, transforming into a series of brutal slaps, fishing, and picking toon buds, causing not only a large area of “hahaha” barrage to appear, but also a message to lighting a candle for Shi Jing.

The director of 《Leisure Time》 felt that everything was progressing in a smooth direction.

After seeing the first issue, the netizens were laughing the entire time, and they didn’t stop. They were a little uneasy when it was over.


Is everything gone?

They are still interested in seeing it!

However, variety shows need to be appetizing, and the next issue is a week later. Netizens who were extremely excited after watching this episode of the variety show rushed to Weibo to look for companions who had also seen it.

So on the night of the show, 【Variety Show 《Leisure Time》】【The actor sells face for the pedicab】【Cantonese eat Fujianese】【Fang Shubai’s traffic light hair】【You Qiuqiu death singer】 A series of related topics rushed to the hot search.

You Qiuqiu is the most talked about, and even the rest of the people can’t get enough of You Qiuqiu.

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