I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 27.4

After swiping the screen so often, and seeing so many You Qiuqiu’s news, some people are impatient.

“My God, did You Qiuqiu purchase a hot-search monthly package? It’s happened a few times since then.”

You Qiuqiu’s fans: Thank you, my cub is so poor. She is still battling the five insurances and the housing fund. She has to learn to create candied haws when she goes to the show. Seeking a lifetime for my cub can afford a hot search.

Other viewers might be perplexed why You Qiuqiu learns to make candied haws on the show. Fans who have been following Yu Qiuqiu are starting to understand their cub’s thoughts.

Most likely to learn the craft and make money later.

Passers-by who were initially irritated:???

So poor, can’t afford to offend.


The show’s fans are still very sensible: Because You Qiuqiu is extremely amusing! Honestly, all of the girls listen to me and watch 《Leisure Time》 . If it doesn’t look good, I’ll give you my head as long as you《Leisure Time》 we’re all sisters!

Of course, such a hilarious variety show cannot be enjoyed solely by them. It’s enjoyable to talk about it with others.

Whether it’s being swiped by a hot search, slapped by a younger sister, or simply clicking on the website.

Anyway, after watching the variety show, the people who watched it couldn’t help but shout at You Qiuqiu——


Why is there such a low-key female artist?

Why is she so funny in her words and deeds, and why is she so lucky?

Of course, it is the death singer who has sparked a wider discussion.

When You Qiuqiu opened her mouth, they imagined what it would be like to listen to the beautiful women sing; they didn’t expect when the beautiful women to sing, it nearly drove them away.

Netizens also raised doubts.

With You Qiuqiu’s singing level, can she still get first place?

They truly do not believe it.

However, You Qiuqiu’s expression is too serious, and she does not appear to be lying.
Lying has no benefit in front of a national audience; after all, it is even more unpleasant when exposed.

They must say that netizens wield tremendous magical power. Someone actually found You Qiuqiu got first place in the singing competition video.

【Quick! The first video of You Qiuqiu’s singing was released, and she easily won first place!】

Netizens flocked to the link as soon as the news broke, and You Qiuqiu fans were no exception.

Sorry, cub, even though your parents adore you, your singing really…cannot be praised.

Even after they listened to 《Leisure Time》, they almost split. They don’t know if the Qiu cub took first place because the judges were deaf. It was an elementary school performance. A total of four people signed up for the singing project, two abstained, and a little boy cried with the microphone before he even started singing.

Finally, the teacher lead him down the stage.

Counting down, You Qiuqiu is indeed the first.

She sang it completely, despite the fact that it was still ugly.

Netizen: It turns out that the singing is unpleasant. It’s because of the talents. She carried it with her from childhood to adulthood. God gave you a beautiful face and has always wanted to take something away from you.

Beautiful singing, for example.

However, the performance of You Qiuqiu in the Elementary School performance has turned a group of people upside down.

The smaller version of You Qiuqiu wore a small gauze dress, with a red blush on the cheek they had as children. The baby is already too cute, with a little baby fat that adds sweetness and cuteness.

They can watch it ten times if they turn off the sound and zoom in on the face version, making it an animated picture.

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