I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 27.5

When Sheng Shiyun saw the topic 【You Qiuqiu Death Singer】rushed to the hot search, his eyelids jumped twice.

After he opened the video and heard You Qiuqiu singing, he fell silent.She didn’t just sing once, she sang twice…

When he saw the words “You Qiuqiu death singer topic rushed to the hot search,” Sheng Shiyun’s eyelids jumped twice.

When he opened the show and heard You Qiuqiu singing, he fell silent.She didn’t just sing once, she sang twice…

Sheng Shiyun knew You Qiuqiu sang badly after she hummed in his car, but he didn’t say anything at the time. He didn’t think You Qiuqiu would be able to show it. However, You Qiuqiu’s singing has now been shown to the entire country.

Everyone knew she couldn’t sing well, so she was given the nickname of “Death Singer.”


“I didn’t watch you, it was my fault,” Sheng Shiyun sent a message to You Qiuqiu
When You Qiuqiu received this message:???

Why did the proud boss apologize to her?

You Qiuqiu, as a social animal, feel very good, but her heart is a little hairy. She responded hesitantly, “You must not say that, Mr. Sheng… If you are really wrong, it’s also a mistake we made together.”

She was very cautious in responding. She was perfectly flawless, right?

Take half of the blame.

Although You Qiqiu wasn’t sure why there was no response after she finished sending.
You Qiuqiu, were no longer concerned. After all, the boss’s mind should not be guessed. It’s still unclear. Is it would be better to play with mobile phones at this time right?

When 《Leisure Time》 brought You Qiuqiu to the hot search, a photo also began to circulate on the Internet.

A marketing account sent a sneak photo of You Qiuqiu. Why does a female celebrity sneak into a plastic surgery hospital, get an injection, or have a repair?

The celebrity who undergoes cosmetic surgery has always been a source of public interest, and You Qiuqiu is still on the hot search, making it even more intriguing.
Sunspots: Oh, my goodness! It turns out that she has plastic surgery ah!

In addition, someone threw Fang Shubai’s photo in response to 《Leisure Time》. You Qiuqiu had an overly sharp face, big eyes, and a narrow nose in the photo. They used this photo to demonstrate that You Qiuqiu sought treatment at a plastic surgery hospital.

She didn’t notice her face collapsing.

Shi Jing approached You Qiuqiu when she saw this.

Shi Jing and You Qiuqiu already added each other in WeChat.

“Did you go to the plastic surgery hospital?” she inquired.

You Qiuqiu: Huh? She didn’t go to the plastic surgery hospital.

Shi Jing: “I said, how can someone grow so beautiful naturally, but you are not at all obvious. I don’t see any signs of plastic surgery, but you do fine-tune it, don’t you?”
“Tell me who the hospital and the attending doctor are. I will tell no one. You can still rely on me on this.”

You Qiuqiu: I feel like I’ve discovered something amazing.

Shi Jing admitted that she had always been dissatisfied with her appearance and wished she could improve it. If You Qiuqiu’s appearance is truly the result of fine-tuning and appears to be so natural, she can rush without hesitation.After all, who doesn’t want to look better?

Shi Jing was unconcerned about the black fans showing Fang Shubai’s photograph because that photograph resulted from a beauty function.

You Qiuqiu informs Shi Jing that she did not visit a plastic surgery hospital and did not undergo any plastic surgery. Shi Jing was disappointed by the end of her conversation with You Qiuqiu.

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