I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 27.6

Suddenly You Qiuqiu was crowned with plastic surgery, making her report it to Sheng Shiyun first.

He was already aware of it.

The man over there responded very calmly. Obviously, he was prepared. You Qiuqiu was not worried, and he also was not worried.

Apart from other things, Mr. Sheng is still reliable at work, and even the show 《Leisure Time》 was given to her by Mr. Sheng.

You Qiuqiu had no idea how her fans in the support club would react. She opened the group, intending to calm the fans’ emotions when necessary.

The group was more orderly than she had expected.


They not only saw where the photo was taken, but they also know when it was taken.
“Wasn’t this the time Qiuqiu went to the hospital to have her skin examined?” You Qiuqiu stared at the photo for a long time. She didn’t notice it, but the fans knew it at a glance.

They also showed a comparison of You Qiuqiu’s live broadcast and the group photo.
“Repair and plastic surgery. This is clearly Qiuyou after using the beauty function ah.”
You Qiuqiu also paid close attention to a remark that was supported by many people in the group.

“Black Qiuqiu isn’t bad, but the beautification of black Qiuqiu is unbearable!”

After all, they are a group of very real fans.

You Qiuqiu: …

It doesn’t matter. It’s okay as long as they like her anyway.

The group members went out aggressively with evidence to explain. Sheng Shiyun also held the photos that had been prepared long ago, as well as the cases prescribed by the doctor at that time.

However, he made a plan with the program group and discussed that after the next episode of the program was broadcast, he would slap them with this evidence.
You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai went to the boy’s house to pick toon buds and make candied haws in the previous issue of 《Leisure Time》.

A new issue of Leisure Time was soon broadcast. The audience witnessed You Qiuqiu assisting the boy’s live broadcast of citrus that could not be sold. They saw the six visitors blending into the villagers’ lives and working hard for the unsalable citrus.
And the amazing You Qiuqiu after beautification is not so attractive; it is precisely looks like an amazing plastic face.

Is that you, Qiu Qiuyou?

You Qiuqiu had previously been selling citrus online in full swing, and many people had purchased citrus online through her live broadcast. They simply did not dare to recognize it; after all, who can believe that the star went to assist the fruit grower in selling fruit?

In the photo Fang Shubai posted, netizens tentatively took a picture of the live broadcast screenshot and the white-posted picture of the marketing account and the black fan said You Qiuqiu do the plastic surgery repair “evidence.”Hmm…it’s exactly the same.

Sheng Shiyun also acted. The photo of You Qiuqiu going to the central public hospital as well as the doctor’s case was posted.

She went to a regular hospital, not a plastic surgery hospital, to have her skin examined. Malicious screenshots were found in the previous marketing account. There is a picture of the beginning, the news entirely depends on editing, and everyone is wary of eating melons.

There is no cosmetic repair without plastic surgery.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The news slap the marketing account and the black fan in the face from the left and right.

You Qiuqiu didn’t have plastic surgery, so this could be an explanation, but netizens found some point.

“Have you noticed that the patient ate a lot of citrus fruits, got too much carotene, and her skin turned yellow?”

“I’ve noticed. Look at the comparison of skin color before and after the live broadcast of You Qiuqiu posted by her fan.”

Netizens rushed to the You Qiuqiu fan club’s Weibo. They saw two comparison pictures that showed the differences up close.

The skin was white prior to the live broadcast, but it was obviously yellow afterward.
The case was solved. You Qiuqiu kindly assisted the fruit grower in selling citrus. She ate a lot of citrus fruits during the live broadcast to increase sales, which caused her skin to turn yellow. She remained silent. She was maliciously misled by the marketing account and turned it into a cosmetic repair.

What a pitiful little cub!

They were feeling sorry for You Qiuqiu.

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