I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 28.1

Excessive intake of citrus fruits can turn your skin yellow. 

This is the first time that something like this has happened to an artist. 

Netizens also reported that their strange knowledge had grown once more!

Please pour your tears into the barrage!

If other artists face such slander after doing good deeds, most fans will begin to complain after clearly explaining. This is also human nature; after all, they have been wronged.

However, netizens discovered that things are not as simple as they appear.

You Qiuqiu’s fans did not feel wrong, nor did they sell misery. They were having a good time there.


The one who does plastic surgery is Qiuyou, not Qiuqiu. After Qiuqiu’s skin color changed, she became a ping-pong ball. After all, it is yellow.

Netizen: “…”

It’s okay to describe the female artist I like as a ping-pong ball.

Is this a real fan or a fake fan?

But what do they have to say? It was a lot of fun, so other people started joining the fan club one by one.

Some fruit growers in small towns thanked the program group and guests on Weibo.

The fruit grower stated in the thank you letter that this year’s citrus is not selling well. Everyone would have lost a lot if it weren’t for the help of the program group and the guests.

【During this period, we have gotten along well with several celebrity guests… We are especially grateful to You Qiuqiu. The little girl has made great contributions to us all. She is unique. Everyone likes her very much as a female star. 】

Finally, the fruit grower posted on Weibo.

 【I’m a farmer, I’ve never chased stars, and I know little about them, but I think this little girl is very good. 】

There are many photos, besides the lengthy thank you letter. You Qiuqiu appears in every guest’s photograph.

She frequently wears a hat resembling a local fruit grower, sometimes helping to pick citrus there, sometimes doing live broadcasts, or simply taking pictures with everyone, mixed with a few photos of herself falling asleep.

Everyone was smiling, and You Qiuqiu was no exception.

Everyone gets along really well with the local fruit farmers.

This kind of atmosphere cannot be faked.

In fact, after watching the show, the audience can already feel it. 《Leisure Time》 is very relevant, very leisurely, very comfortable, with the scent of fireworks, and the few guests no longer have the glorious appearance of the TV on the stage, but they are quite genuine.

Real people, like you and me, believe they are noticeable.

Following the thank you letter, the relevant local authorities presented You Qiuqiu with a pennant in recognition of her contribution to local citrus sales.

You Qiuqiu was actually a little flattered when she first learned about this.

No, there’s no need to be so ecstatic.

It was also not a big deal. 

She moved her lips despite being completely misled.

The relevant people in the local department flew all the way here. 

They are sincere, and there is no reason You Qiuqiu should not accept it. 

You Qiuqiu went with her skin that had not yet been restored after reporting to Sheng Shiyun.

The entire presentation of the pennants is quite grand and ceremonial. There are special photos and videos.

But You Qiuqiu feels like a prop man because she doesn’t understand anything. 

She only needed to laugh and smile, simply following the instructions of the others, smiling until her face stiffened.

The aunt of the person in charge appeared to be excitedly holding You Qiuqiu’s hand.

“Our local citrus sells extremely well, and it has eased the fruit growers’ crisis. I have discussed this with the local fruit grower because of your efforts. All of our citruses are free as long as you return, and you can eat them whenever you want!”

Following the boy’s grandmother’s desire to give You Qiuqiu several citrus trees, the local area extended an invitation to You Qiuqiu to provide unlimited citrus.

You Qiuqiu: !!

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