I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 28.3

So, just as everyone came to find the difference, the fans laughed at You Qiuqiu’s skin color difference.

They really want to laugh, even though they shouldn’t.

No citrus is innocent when You Qiuqiu’s skin turned this color!

Even the You Qiuqiu Global Fan Club’s official Weibo posted a photo of You Qiuqiu holding the “Little Citruses Expert” pennant, with the text: “Warm reminder to the cub, although the citrus is delicious, you still need to be in moderation.”

Fans will bring netizens together on Weibo.

Yes, You Qiuqiu is becoming increasingly popular. 


You Qiuqiu did not expect the official Weibo of the Global Fan Club to be born after the plastic surgery incident.

She later discovered, that it was the backbone of the fan support group.

The mother fans all turned into haha devils, but the father fans were concerned about You Qiuqiu yellowing skin and even made a small suggestion.

You Qiuqiu looked at it with interest —

It is normal to wash your face with milk and put cucumbers on your face. 

Some people even recommend that You Qiuqiu wash her face with white vinegar.

You Qiuqiu exits the screen quietly.

Excuse me, she felt that if she followed that small suggestion, she would be ruined, so she might as well drink water directly.

According to the doctor, this solely depends on one’s own metabolism.

You Qiuqiu’s parents are very optimistic and do not believe there is anything wrong with You Qiuqiu’s yellowing. She was born into the yellow race. Who is at fault?

You Qiuqiu was at home when she received a call from Sheng Shiyun.

“Mr. Sheng?”

Sheng Shiyun had intended to discuss something, but after hearing all the voices over there, he swallowed it and said, “What are you doing?”

You Qiuqiu, “…drinking water.”

“Increase metabolic rate and promote skin whitening.”

“Does the milk tea taste good?” asks Sheng Shiyun.

You Qiuqiu: It doesn’t even taste good. After all, she is still concerned about gaining weight. Sugar-free milk tea, sugar-free pearl. Does milk tea without pearls have a soul?!

It’s nothing more than a glass of coloured water.

You Qiuqiu, didn’t complain because she still remembered she was talking to Mr. Sheng.

How does Mr. Sheng know she’s drinking milk tea, and who is watching her?

You Qiuqiu’s body is slightly stiff. She looked around. She is certain that her house’s floor is high enough, and no one outside can see her drinking milk tea at home.

You Qiuqiu denied it three times in a row. I am not, I don’t, don’t talk nonsense.

Sheng Shiyun: There’s no need to deny it; your silence has revealed you.

“Milk tea has a color. Drinking milk tea will turn you brown.”


You Qiuqiu think Mr. Sheng is hilarious; is he making a cold joke?

Do you think she’s a moron? 

Despite the fact that she consumes citrus and dyes herself yellow, everyone knows that drinking milk tea will not change her skin colour.

Sheng Shiyun wasted no more time. He made it clear what he was going to discuss with You Qiuqiu after uttering a cold joke.

A whitening product noticed You Qiuqiu and wanted to work with her.

You Qiuqiu previously success in Mukbang live broadcast and became the spokesperson for spicy sticks.

After her skin turns yellow, the whitening skin product approaches her and welcomes her as the product’s spokesperson.

Sheng Shiyun believed he was strong and calm enough to deal with life’s ups and downs.

You Qiuqiu was shocked and even felt offended when she learned that a whitening product was looking for her.

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