I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 28.4

Now that everyone knows her skin has changed colour and that whitening products are on their way to her, how can she…

Sheng Shiyun added, “The price given is pretty good,” before You Qiuqiu refused.

He simply stated the numbers.

You Qiuqiu: “I can.”

“This product is extremely insightful. There will be no comparison if they find a white star.”


She looks great for being so yellow.

This endorsement is especially appropriate for her; others are not.

Sheng Shiyun was aware of You Qiuqiu’s virtues, and as long as he stated the amount of money, she would agree.

In fact, after You Qiuqiu’s accident, not only this brand found her, but also some micro-sellers and some offered even higher prices, but they were still responsible to consumers.

The whitening product this time is their family’s trump card; the effect is fantastic, and it can be considered word of mouth.

You Qiuqiu signed after confirming the amount, reading the terms, and determining that there are no issues.

The brand owner happened to be in the same city as You Qiuqiu this time. 

You Qiuqiu, did not need to fly to other cities like in the previous spicy sticks advertisement. 

When the time for filming the advertisement was agreed upon with the brand owner, You Qiuqiu went directly to the shooting location on her own.

Their company is truly deplorable. 

Mr. Sheng is the sole supporter of the entire poor company.

Sheng Shiyun is Mr. Sheng, as well as a broker and occasional a driver. You Qiuqiu lived close to the filming location. 

She considered herself to be a mature entertainer and simply rejected Mr. Sheng, who was about to send her off. The brand’s owner is sincere. When You Qiuqiu arrives early at the shooting location, and they are almost ready.

The film director praised You Qiuqiu for her punctuality before complimenting her on her good looks.

“She can fit the clothes we prepared, right?” he said to the stylist.

You Qiuqiu:?

She shouldn’t be fat. The ten catties she had previously gained have been reduced. Why would he use words like she “can fit the clothes”?

The stylist gave You Qiuqiu a heartfelt smile.

“No problem, everything is fine.”

After ten minutes, You Qiuqiu figured out why.

She was trapped inside a doll, her head exposed, and her neck was concealed by the doll’s jacket. Her hands turned into double wings and she was yellow and round.

According to the director: “There’s no need to blacken her face or add any other special effects. I’ll add another layer of filter to highlight her yellow skin.”

To demonstrate the effect of whitening products, the artist’s skin is generally darkened, or special effects are added to make it look a little dark, then the special effects are removed, giving people a kind of——

Wow, it’s really white, it’s amazing!

When it comes to You Qiuqiu, they don’t take the usual route. According to the director, they don’t need to engage in those obstinate heads. They just need to highlight her yellow skin.

You Qiuqiu: This is nothing. Anyway, she did get this advertisement because her skin turned yellow.

But she still needs to understand the plot; after all, she is dressed in… extraordinary attire. But she still needs to understand the plot; after all, she is dressed in… extraordinary attire.

“Director, what is our plotline?”

“I’m about to say it,” says the director.

He explained it to You Qiuqiu while making gestures out of fear that You Qiuqiu would not understand.

“You began as a happy ping pong ball, but after using our whitening products, you changed dramatically in an instant. You turned white…

You Qiuqiu: Huh?


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