I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 28.5

If she recalls correctly, netizens refer to her as a ping pong ball, which has a bad connotation.

“Our side is a combination of current events. Are we particularly creative?” The director cleared his throat.

“It doesn’t matter if you think there’s a problem; you can talk about it and change it.”

You Qiuqiu shook her head. She’s fine, just —

“I’m playing ping pong before the whitening?” You Qiuqiu stretched out her “wings” and twisted her delicate brows. Why let me wear a chicken costume?”

After all, this wing, with its fluffy texture, does not resemble a ping-pong ball.

It is not a goose egg, let alone a whitening ping-pong ball, but this prop has a huge loophole.


Director: Cough Cough!

It’s a little embarrassing. But let’s get started. Eggs and ping-pong balls aren’t a big deal. If it does not work, he can always use Photoshop.

You Qiuqiu silently swallowed her doubts as she looked at the optimistic director.

That’s fine, ba. They are the ones who provided the money. She only needs to go through the process honestly and wait for the money to be collected.

You Qiuqiu thought after the advertisement was on the air, the whitening products were estimated to be unsalable.


You Qiuqiu complied with the director’s request to create the advertisement.

She was dressed in a furry prop costume that was a little too big for her. It shifted her center of gravity at times. It was endearingly silly when she was unstable, and many people present couldn’t help but exclaim in low voices.

This is adorable.

After batting the “Ping Pong” ball, You Qiuqiu changed into a different outfit to film the swan eggs.

They didn’t make the same style as You Qiuqiu expected this time, perhaps just a different color. You Qiuqiu wore a white tutu this time. You Qiuqiu has slender limbs and excellent proportions, and her demeanor is immediately apparent.

You Qiuqiu became agitated and asked the director in a childlike voice, “Do you want me to dance ballet…I can’t.”

She had no idea she needed such talent to create an advertisement.

Will they deduct the money if they truly need it, but she cannot do it?

Director: “…No need, you just need to pose.”

No one knows that when there is material art filming, the heroine doesn’t really know how to do martial arts.

The shooting advertisement does not have a lot of NG, and the entire process goes very smoothly. The director had already finished filming all the scenes he needed in less than a day. The director was actually taken aback. He thought You Qiuqiu was a comedy artist when he saw her on the hot search all day, but he didn’t expect her to have a strong sense of camera.

The advertising director specifically greeted Sheng Shiyun.

He praised You Qiuqiu after the shoot was finished.

Sheng Shiyun thanked him and the advertising director for looking after her, and promised to invite him to dinner in the future.

“I didn’t need to take care of anything at all,” the advertising director laughed, “she was very cooperative.”

You Qiuqiu is very cooperative in his work, but there are always some weird situations.  Fortunately, this whitening product is not like that spicy sticks advertisement. No matter how berserk You Qiuqiu is she cannot eat the props.

Can she eat whitening products?

Sheng Shiyun stared at the phone for a while after finishing the conversation with the director.

In fact, he has given little thought to the You Qiuqiu’s fan club. 

After all, Sheng Shiyun believes that only mature artists will have fan clubs. 

Good management and operation are required when there are many fans and a sense of unity.

But he didn’t expect You Qiuqiu’s fan club becoming so big.

When You Qiuqiu fell asleep in the Awards Ceremony several times in a row, they hurried up on the hot search. They meet You Qiuqiu at the airport with chicken drumsticks and yell “Mom and Dad love you!” They also took pictures of You Qiuqiu entering the hospital and violently attacked the black fan this time.

Sheng Shiyun felt obligated to visit You Qiuqiu’s fan club and say hello to them, which could be considered an official seal.

In the future, if any activities involving You Qiuqiu are planned, they can notify him in advance.

Sheng Shiyun looked for the You Qiuqiu fan support group and used the boss’s air to gain entry.


He didn’t pass.

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