I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 28.6

On the contrary, it was someone named 【Only Love Qiu Cub】 who added him as a friend and poked him privately.

【Only Love Qiu Cub: Welcome to the club little cutie. You are a fan of Qiuqiu, right? The condition for entering the group is to play the list for Qiuqiu. Baby first go to the list, if you can’t, I will teach you hand-in-hand. It’s very simple. 】

Little cutie. You Qiuqiu fan. Sheng Shiyun:? ? ?

When he saw this line of text, his mind was filled with questions.

He is You Qiuqiu’s boss, not a little cutie or a fan of You Qiuqiu.

【Only Love Qiu Cub】 is You Qiuqiu’s nickname in the fan group, which was changed by the administrator last time.


Xiaowei did not give up on training You Qiuqiu to be the support club’s backbone. However, prior to going to shoot variety shows, You Qiuqiu stated that she was too busy to manage it. Qiuqiu was embarrassed to see a group of fans busying themself for her, so she occasionally reviewed the new fans who joined the group.

Not long after You Qiuqiu returned home from filming the commercial, she was approached by a new fan who wanted to join the group. She simply copied Xiaowei’s welcome format and sent him the conditions.

It is good to have an administrator with strong working abilities. You Qiuqiu only needs to be a ruthless copy and paste monster.

It’s just that there haven’t been many replies over there in a long time.

You Qiuqiu sat up and drank half a box of yoghurt. This type of yoghurt promotes digestion and does not produce meat, so it is safe to consume some. She blinked as he chewed on the yoghurt box.

She assumed that the new fan found it too difficult and decided not to join the group.

So You Qiuqiu intended to keep the fan personally, echoing manager Xiaowei’s tone.

“You play this list, I also play this list, and Qiuqiu will become popular sooner or later. Baby, you can like Qiuqiu. Let’s play the list, ah. There are few of us here. Let the cubs feel at ease so that she can fly boldly. It really won’t waste a lot of time. Just move your fingers.”

She has learned how to play the list, and she can teach it to him.

Sheng Shiyun remained silent, and in the end, for the first time in his life, he completed the entire process of listing his own artist according to the ranking process sent to him by the You Qiuqiu’s fan club.

He was also warmly welcomed when he joined the group.

The number of fans of You Qiuqiu is no longer forty-five people as before. Because of the hot search and two consecutive shows, there are now more than two hundred people.

Xiaowei, the administrator, inquired, “Are you a newcomer who has been reviewed by Only Love Qiu Cub? What about Only Love Qiu Cub?”

You Qiuqiu was paralysed on the sofa, unconscious after you finished teaching the rookie how to play the list.

It’s extremely exhausting and inconvenient. She has worked so hard to get to this point, and she has to teach the new fans every day.

Xiaowei didn’t see Only Love Qiu Cub and didn’t look for it again. 

She knew that the other party was very busy.

“New fan remember to change your ID~”

Sheng Shiyun thought this fan club group was still very regular and orderly, so he changed his remarks to You Qiuqiu’s Boss.

“Hello everyone.”

Sheng Shiyun greeted everyone.

Then the ID on the top of his account instantly changed and became【Qiu Cub’s Number ① Guardian Angel】

The author has something to say:

Mr. Sheng: In the beginning, I was going to look around as the boss (smiling)

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