I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 29.1

Xiaowei: “As the new baby in the group, I helped you change your ID.”

Sheng Shiyun slowly typed a row of question marks. Why should she change his ID to【Qiu Cub’s Number ① Guardian Angel】

Sheng Shiyun was so embarrassed when he saw this string of words that he curled his fingers.

Xiaowei explained to the newcomer that the group’s dad fans all follow the same format. 

They choose these names with great care. If you don’t like the guardian angel, you can’t change it.


How about Guardian Knight?

As long as he doesn’t dislike his ranking being too low.

Seeing that the Guardian Knight was over 99, Xiaowei got stuck by the newcomer’s side and gave him Number ① Guardian Angel. 

She expected him to be overjoyed.

Sheng Shiyun: “…”

Forget it.

He discovered that there was a list of playing lists in the group. 

On the list of players who played on You Qiuqiu’s list that day, there was a special statistics report. 

It can be seen that You Qiuqiu’s fans are still very sincere, that is…

There is a problem. 

“Why didn’t the group owner play the list every day?” 

He had to play the list as soon as he walked up to join the group, and the rest of them had to do the same every day.

Someone quickly responded to him.

“Because the group owner is the greatest in the universe, do you want to be kicked out of the group for asking such a question…withdraw it quickly before anyone finds it!”

“The owner of the group is not like us. The group’s owner is made of titanium. When Qiuqiu received an endorsement of spicy sticks, the group owner purchased 500 boxes at once. The entire contribution was like the fan club lottery.”

After the broadcast of 《Leisure Time》, the section in which You Qiuqiu and the boy discussed spicy sticks sparked a lot of debate.

Netizens bought the spicy sticks based on You Qiuqiu’s recommendations, proving that they are indeed delicious.

There’s even a special rating for the spicy sticks mentioned by You Qiuqiu, and the clicks have surpassed millions. 

Finally, the UP master concludes that You Qiuqiu has researched the flavor of the spicy sticks.

What kind of spicy stick goddess is this?

Fans were also aware. 

Wow, it turns out that the cub endorsed the spicy sticks as well, and they purchased one after the other. 

Other artists’ endorsement product styles ranged from four digits to five or six digits, and while they may not be able to buy them, spicy strips are still affordable.

This is the same style as the cub.

However, the one who buys the most is the group owner, “Pei Shao is extremely wealthy.”

Sheng Shiyun recognized the ID “Pei Shao is extremely wealthy.” 

If he recalls correctly, You Qiuqiu has involved in Mukbang live broadcasts and this person spent a lot of money as well. 

In Sheng Shiyun’s opinion, this person should be like his ID.  

He is the little money-pampered son of a wealthy family.

He had no idea he’d still be the owner of the You Qiuqiu fan club.

But is it possible for ordinary people to buy 500 boxes of spicy sticks?

And he took out 50,000 yuan to hold a lottery for You Qiuqiu’s fans. He is also considered titanium.

You Qiuqiu drew her name in the 500,000 fan lottery, and in the end, she drew it again honestly. 

She drew a regular fan this time, and the money was transferred to the lucky fans.

“You forgot to put a dog’s head on there!”

Xiaowei joined the group and became more serious.

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