Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 329

This mechanical girl should be about the same size as him, based on her appearance and figure!

Fang Jingchen’s heart “bang” and “bang” wildly because of this recognition.

Of course, he’s known the mechanical girl for decades, and that he can get such a perfect mechanical girl at random is terrifying!

He was extremely fortunate!

“Please give the mechanical girl a hug.” When Fang Jingchen hadn’t activated the mechanical girl in a long time, the vending machine urged.

“Okay…” Fang Jingchen couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

He is still extremely nervous.

He tossed the briefcase to the ground and took two steps toward Xi Ying.

Then he hugged her with his arms outstretched.

Fang Jingchen is embracing women for the first time.

The mechanical girl, in his heart, does not differ from humans.

She is equated with a woman because she is a mechanical girl.

Following Fang Jingchen’s hug, Xi Ying felt a surge of energy flow from her heart to her limbs.

This is the sensation of coming to life.

When she opened her eyes, her amber pupils glowed with enticing brilliance.

“No. 748, the personal exclusive mechanical girl serves you,” she said gently, raising the corner of her mouth.

Fang Jingchen, who had been fully prepared, was taken aback by Xi Ying’s actions and the way she spoke to him.

Foremost, Fang Jingchen did not expect his mechanical girl to be so lovely. Furthermore, he did not expect to be so ecstatic when he learned that he had a personal mechanical girl, and he even felt the urge to cry.

This is his wish! Today is finally achieved!

“Do I need to change my name?” Xi Ying dutifully played the role of a mechanical girl.

“Change, change, change! 748 homophonic is really not good… I like to drink iced lemon juice, so I will call you Bing Ning[1]!” Fang Jingchen said quickly.

“The name was successfully changed.” Xi Ying paused, and then Fang Jingchen reached out his hand.

“Hello, my name is Bing Ning. Can we be friends?”  A friendly smile appeared in her amber eyes.

Along the way, they act like new friends, conversing about astronomy and geography, national events, and trivial matters of life.

The mechanical girl’s core chip contains all the world’s knowledge.

They can make mechanical girls show their superhuman IQ and EQ when interacting with others.

This is also why, when a mechanical girl exhibits a super high IQ and EQ, they would suspect that the person is not the mechanical girl.

Fang Jingchen concluded from his conversation with Xi Ying that purchasing Bing Ning after saving for two years was the best decision he had ever made.

They went back to Fang Jingchen’s house together.

Fang Jingchen patted his head as he entered the room, as if he was thinking of something.

“Oh, looking at my memory, I’ve already eaten dinner outside, but I forgot you hadn’t! Wait a minute, I’ll go down to the store and get you something to eat!”

“Wait.” Xi Ying called to him, “Is there any ingredients in the refrigerator?”

“Huh?” For a brief moment, Fang Jingchen was taken aback and subconsciously responded, “Yes…”

“Then it won’t be so troublesome. I can cook.” Xi Ying smiled and walked towards the refrigerator.

Even a man can’t stand a perfect face and a clean smile.


[1] Bing Ning mean ice lemon.

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