I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 29.4

You Qiuqiu suddenly realized after Pei Qianhuo reported his name, not only did she call out his ID, but she also knew he was the group’s owner.

“Is our fan club so well-known?” exclaimed Pei Qianhuo. Even the master was aware of it.

You Qiuqiu feels a little guilty because she is a member of the group.

“I already know what just happened.”

Pei Qianhuo mentioned that You Qiuqiu went to audition but didn’t even enter the door and was blown away by an actress with a background.


“It’s all right, Qiu cub. My family put a lot of money into that TV show. Let’s make you female number one right now; all I have to do is make a phone call and say a word.”

Pei Qianhuo said boldly.

What a joke. Want to compare the background?

Qiu cub is not a poor little cub with no background; he is her biggest background!

Who else can play the number one female in the TV series invested by the president of the fan club if it is not the cub?

Don’t worry!

You Qiuqiu has grown so big and she has never hooked up with someone with a background. Suddenly, she ran into the president of her fan club, who wanted to give her the resources of the TV drama, as a female number one.

Without waiting for You Qiuqiu’s reaction, Pei Qianhuo has already put into practice vigorously.

With a cool demeanor, he called, “Dad, did our family invest in a costume drama…? I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s the one who is currently selecting the role.”

“As for the heroine, I want to give it to You Qiuqiu.”

For a few seconds, there was silence, followed by a clear sound: “I think you’re looking for death!”

“Tell Laozi, Pei Qianhuo, did you follow the bad example of a scoundrel?”

“All right, you’re brave now; dare you to play with a little star?”

Pei Qianhuo didn’t have time to turn off the hands-free. When You Qiuqiu got close, she heard the elders on the other side spraying him with dog blood.

She wondered if it was really as simple as he claimed.

Pei Qianhuo, who has just boosted to his favorite female artist: “…”

His entire face was flushed, and he said, ” What is playing with a star? This is too chaotic.”

Shi Jing continued to yell at You Qiuqiu on WeChat.

Shi Jing: What happened to you?

Shi Jing: Why do you go to the toilet for a long time? Falling into the pit?

You Qiuqiu gave her a red envelope containing fifty cents.

Shi Jing:??? Do you just don’t want to chat with me?

She told You Qiuqiu about fifty cents, and she sent her fifty cents to end the chat.

You Qiuqiu said sorry to Shi Jing in her heart. She mainly felt a guilty conscience. Who knew that she could change her body and become the background dog Shi Jing said.

In fact, it is not a background at all.

The female number one cannot be introduced. The president of the fan club was also being reprimanded. After Pei Qianhuo repeatedly explained that he was only recommending his favorite artists. You Qiuqiu was given an interview and would not be turned down again.

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