I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 29.5

Since they were all here, and her fans were rebuked in order to give her a chance to interview. It would be impolite of her not to go. She was taken aback by Pei Qianhuo’s kindness, but she followed him back to audition room number.

The process is simple.

The director inquired about You Qiuqiu’s education and discovered that she was a college graduate. He asked You Qiuqiu to run to step after inspecting her appearance.


The board was clapped by the director.

Even though You Qiuqiu had only appeared in a few TV dramas, she was well-versed in auditions. It is common to perform on the spot. However, it was the first time You Qiuqiu had attempted running.

But You Qiuqiu didn’t ask many questions; he simply followed the director’s instructions and ran two steps.

“All right, you play the female third.”

“What is the female third’s role?” Pei Qianhuo inquired.

He sees nothing wrong with You Qiuqiu’s two moves to take the female first role.

Dad’s fans have a thick filter for the little cub.

She is the cutest and most beautiful cub in the world, and it is also appropriate to be a heroine.

It’s a shame he doesn’t have real power yet. His father is physically strong and can continue to borrow from the sky for another 500 years. Of course, he didn’t mean to curse his father’s death.

The director knew that the handsome young boy in front of him had a complicated background and was involved with investors, so he took a gentle approach and explained the plot to him.

In short, the female third is a heroine who can leap onto roofs and vault over walls[1] and she is easy to get fans.

In fact, his decision on You Qiuqiu is not sloppy, because he has seen 《Hello Acting》 before. The character You Qiuqiu acted is similar to the female third.

You Qiuqiu’s personal conditions are much better than those who came in for an interview.

Who wouldn’t use the beautiful actors in their plays? Not to mention, the pictures alone are pleasing to the eye.

Pei Qianhuo was taken aback when he learned that the female third was a parkour performer who can walk over the wall.

“Can you apply to have the female heroic paralyzed? It is best to use a wheelchair.”

Director:? ? ?

He never heard of such a request.

Of course, it is not possible.

Pei Qianhuo can no longer feel guilty about You Qiuqiu.

Qiuqiu, dad sorry for you.

Dad has always known that you can’t run and that exercising is difficult for you. Why did your father want to help you succeed in a parkour interview?

That’s right, Pei Qianhuo is You Qiuqiu’s dad fan. Despite his busy schedule abroad, he is always attentive to the cub’s information. He understands how difficult exercise is for You Qiuqiu.

“Qiu cub, I don’t have the face to see you.”

“You don’t want me to find you this kind of drama, do you?” I’m afraid I’ll be killed if others find out.” 

“Or, cub, let’s stop picking this drama.”

You Qiuqiu looked at Pei Qianhuo as if he had been struck after learning that she needed to exercise a lot.

In fact, she was a little taken aback.

But after seeing how other fans reacted, she wasn’t so hard to accept.

She even comes over to console Pei Qianhuo.

“It’s okay… just shoot it, and everything should be fine.”

You Qiuqiu is lazy. If she can lie down, she won’t sit, and if she can sit, she won’t stand, but there are so many paralyzed characters, let her act.

She thought it was hopeless to pick up the interview. In fact, getting a female number three by accident is already pretty good.

It’s also no coincidence that the original female number three is an actress who told You Qiuqiu that the role had been assigned to her by default and that she didn’t even need to audition for an audition.

When the actress learned that the female number three had been replaced by You Qiuqiu, who had no connection to the show, she couldn’t look up any longer. The high heels are not domineering with “Da Da Da”, but with resentment.


[1] to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts)

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