Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 330

Fang Jingchen averted his gaze, scolding himself internally.

Didn’t he still despise some otaku after purchasing mechanical girl, and then use a mechanical girl as a tool for venting before purchasing Bing Ning?

Why do you want to date Bing Ning right now?

Calm down! Calm down!

How long has he been in contact with Bing Ning? He will scare Bing Ning!

While Fang Jingchen was performing spiritual torture, Xi Ying had already taken all the ingredients from the refrigerator.

Two eggs and two tomatoes.

A hunk of pork with several garlic sprouts.

There are also many leeks.

“Um, do you need my help?” 

Fang Jingchen calmly walked to the kitchen.

“All right, can you help me wash the rice?”

“Of course.”

“Do not discard the rice water; it can be used for washing the vegetables.”


Two dishes and one soup were served after a half-hour wait.

Although they are all simple dishes, they are all colourful and flavorful.

When Fang Jingchen looked at it, he became a little hungry.

“May I join you for dinner?” 

He wanted to hear Xi Ying’s thoughts first.

Xi Ying clearly understands that Fang Jingchen regards the mechanical girl as a human being because of his actions.

He treated a mechanical girl with the same regard that he did humans.

Such a person is admirable.

“Why not? You deserve a lot of credit for this meal!”

Fang Jingchen and Xi Ying had a happy dinner together at eight o’clock in the evening.

Not only did Xi Ying, a lovely mechanical girl, accompany him to dinner, but Fang Jingchen felt that he would no longer be alone in the future.

It is very easy for him to find a girlfriend because he has a very attractive appearance, a stable job, and a high salary.

But because Fang Jingchen believes that it is better to have nothing, he has never found a girlfriend.

In a big city, he works alone, and he will inevitably feel lonely.

But it’s all right now because he has his own personal mechanical girl, and he’s no longer alone.

Fang Jingchen accompanied Xi Ying to wash the dishes after dinner.

Following that, the two watched TV together and took baths one after the other.

Fang Jingchen was about to fall asleep when he remembered something important.

He neglected to replace his bedsheets!

Fang Jingchen purposefully changed the rented house a month ago to welcome a mechanical girl.

From a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment.

Everything is ready, but the sheets in the other bedroom are still the same as they were before.

Fang Jingchen initially thought it was nothing, but it was all cleaned, anyway.

But now, in front of such a stunning woman, he was mortified that he had allowed Xi Ying to sleep on the sheets he had used.

“It doesn’t matter; if you don’t mind, I’ll go out for the night.” Xi Ying said, “I understand.”

“Out… out? Can you do it?” Fang Jingchen was filled with remorse.

“It’s fine if I don’t sleep, but Fang Jingchen, you need to get some rest and go to work tomorrow.” 

Xi Ying gave him a mischievous blink.

When Fang Jingchen saw this scene, he felt as if his blood tank had been completely depleted.

Really…really…really so cute!

Beautiful and adorable!

What would he do if he met such a perfect mechanical girl?

He is afraid that if this continues for a long time, he will fall in love with Bing Ning!

“You don’t have to worry about me because I’ll be at the 24-hour bookstore for one night. If I come across any danger, I will mercilessly teach them.”

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