I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 30.1

The gap between a complex and multi-faced vase and a vegetative person who only needs to lie down is still quite huge.

Sheng Shiyun cannot say that the director is bad. 

After all, it was their faults that caused them to fail in getting the previous role, and —

Sheng Shiyun cast a glance at You Qiuqiu, who was quietly sitting and adjusting her posture. Then she sat there paralyzed: “…”

He thought that You Qiuqiu would be pleased with this role.


You Qiuqiu was overjoyed to learn that there was a vegetative character who could still get a lot of shots.

Who is it? Who is not happy?

Mom, is this the legendary situation where you can make money while lying down?

You Qiuqiu’s rare eyes glowed, and she felt revitalized.

“However, can I engage in roll play?” Despite her joy, You Qiuqiu expressed her reservations.

A roll play is an artist who works on two or more dramas at the same time, traveling to and from different crews. The traffic niche little flower frequently does this. After all, making one film is worth millions and ten million yuan for them.

However, this has drawbacks, such as lowering the quality of the filming and jeopardizing the crew’s interests.

You Qiuqiu enjoy making money, but she also has principles. She will try not to engage in rolling play.

When Sheng Shiyun heard You Qiuqiu’s question, he raised the corner of his mouth and said, “You think a bit.”

The first is a female third, and the second is a vegetative background board. What kind of roll play is this?

She has a lot of drama.

There will be no scenes of the rolling play about which You Qiuqiu is concerned. Taking the role of a vegetative person in a modern drama will not conflict with martial arts female third, primarily because the two roles are not overly demanding.

Sheng Shiyun summed it perfectly, and it was a coincidence that both crews were still in the same film and television city, and they appeared to be next door.

You Qiuqiu didn’t have to walk a few steps to another crew after finishing with this one.

The two dramas were finalized, and she received two of them.

The official announcement, was also a symbolic official shooting in the ancient martial arts drama, You Qiuqiu played the female number three. 

There is no news to report on the modern drama vegetative person.

You Qiuqiu took the time to look at the group, and fans are skeptical of her taking over the heroine role.

“It sounds like a lot of exercises.”

“Is cub going to hang Wia?”

“Is it possible for the cub who is so sluggish?”

It goes without saying that fans understand their cub characteristics. She can collapse on the fitness ball before going to the gym.

It sounds so difficult to be a heroine.

However, since it has already been accepted, Qiu cub should have a plan in mind.

So, after a period of worry, each person wanted to see the set makeup photos, the female heroine, or something. 

It must be very lovely! Give me everything you’ve got, Qiu cub! Don’t be afraid to come here!

You Qiuqiu remembered fans saying she didn’t take too many selfies, so after the makeup session, she begged the makeup artist sister to take a photo for her.

“Very cool.”

The makeup artist sister took photos of You Qiuqiu with her phone camera and couldn’t stop complimenting her.

The woman on the phone is dressed in a black primer with red-bordered clothes. 

Because it is the character set, the clothes are not as beautiful or cumbersome as those of other female characters. 

They appear clean and neat, and they don’t have a distinct style. Only one waist belt in the same style as the clothes is available. Her waist is as slender as willow branches.

Her thick, jet-black hair was tied up high, exposing her smooth forehead, and only a few strands of broken hair fell, giving her an aura of rivers and lakes.

Because of the unmodified shape of this high ponytail, it is easy to see the appearance of bugs; if the face has a small defect, it will be infinitely enlarged.

You Qiuqiu have no such problems. 

Her face is very smooth, and her brows are slightly drawn and thick because of the character’s role. Thick brows, big eyes, high nose bridge, red lips, and even the hairline are very good; no need for additional trimming.

The makeup artist sister felt that she was a little attacked by You Qiuqiu.

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