IACSFITEI – Chapter 32.5

“Jiannan Ge, you don’t have to get out of the car. I’d like to express my gratitude, and I have something for you.”

You Qiuqiu handed over the gift.

“Tea.” Cui Jiannan sat down and opened the box. He smiled as he saw it. He looked You Qiuqiu in the eyes, which were steady and gentle. 

“It’s difficult for you to know that I enjoy tea. Thank you very much for Qiuqiu.”

You Qiuqiu was not embarrassed to be praised by Cui Jiannan. She did not know Cui Jiannan liked tea or that this gift had been prepared by Mr. Sheng.


But he can like it.

Cui Jiannan’s itinerary appeared to be tight, and he said goodbye to You Qiuqiu without spending too much time with her.

And You Qiuqiu flew back early the next morning.

She came to film “Heartbeat Challenge” and ask for leave for the two crews.

Even though there aren’t many scenes, she’ll try not to be absent.

After returning, You Qiuqiu took the initiative to confess to Sheng Shiyun.

Sorry Mr. Sheng, she used her voice on the show.

After countless times Sheng Shiyun specially asked You Qiuqiu if she did anything out of line, she must tell him in advance. Even if it is things he doesn’t know or things he knows with netizens through hot search.

Sheng Shiyun no longer has any hope for You Qiuqiu not to do anything.

It’s better to be a prophet than to watch hot searches with netizens.

You Qiuqiu made a special conclusion on her way back this time. Did she do anything that Mr. Sheng said, and concluded that it was probably that she sang the song that was out of the ordinary?

Mr. Sheng had previously seen her singing in 《Leisure Time》and he appeared unhappy.

Sheng Shiyun, “…”


He pushed the gold-rimmed glasses with his hand to show that he knew it.

Sheng Shiyun has witnessed firsthand how he can save money on hot searches.

You Qiuqiu invested her energy in the two crews to run back and forth once more. The busy social animal life alternated between parkour and lying flat.

She can appear as calm as a vegetative person, moving like a crazed rabbit, or as the type who can travel to both heaven and earth.

You Qiuqiu no longer need to go to the gym after becoming too busy. After all, the amount of exercise in ancient martial arts parkour is far greater than that in the gym. Sometimes she would cry quietly in her heart.

She should have listened to the president of the fan club. She couldn’t even move, let alone act like a heroine.

What You Qiuqiu didn’t expect was Mr. Sheng’s visit to the crew.

You Qiuqiu only discovered the man after removing her makeup.

“Mr. Sheng?”

“What brings you here?”

You Qiuqiu admitted that she was surprised. No, she is not surprised, but terrified.

Consider this: You’re at work, whether or not you’re doing well, and your boss appears behind you without warning, simply asking if you’re scared.


It’s terrifying!

Sheng Shiyun: “Just passing by.”

He knew that You Qiuqiu’s filming scene for the day had ended, and after a few words with the director, he allowed You Qiuqiu to board the car.

You Qiuqiu is already familiar with Sheng Shiyun’s Volkswagen. It feels Second only to her own car. She sat in the back row and planned to say hello to Mr. Sheng and started playing with her cell phone, paralyzed.

Thankfully, Mr. Sheng is not a talkative person, which saves her the trouble of coming up with topics and flattering him.

You Qiuqiu is not good at flattering or anything.


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