Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 331

With a solemn expression, Xi Ying clenched her fists and waved them into the air.

Fang Jingchen’s eyes glowed.

Yes, the mechanical girl’s fighting abilities are also highlighted, and they are unbeatable by anyone without special training.

“All right, I’m really sorry today.” Fang Jingchen expressed regret at Xi Ying.

“It’s not that big of a deal. I’ll bring you breakfast and new bedsheets when I return tomorrow morning. But first, you must link your payment software to mine.”


Fang Jingchen picked up the phone and scanned Xi Ying’s finger.

“Well, the binding was successful. I wish you a good dream and a good night.” Xi Ying waved to Fang Jingchen and assisted him in closing the door to his room.

Xi Ying walked out of the apartment building and to the nearest 24-hour bookstore.

【Host, how does it feel to be a mechanical girl?】

“It’s the same as a normal person, but there are more high-tech bugs.” Xi Ying remarked lightly.

Because at present, apart from Fang Jingchen and the maker, no one in the world knows that she is a mechanical girl.

【Are you really going to the 24-hour bookstore for one night?】

Xiao Yiyi couldn’t help but wonder as she watched Xi Ying’s pace get closer and closer to the bookstore.

She thought Xi Ying was joking.

“Why not?” Xi Ying came to the door of the bookstore.

Through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, you can see that this bookstore is doing well.

Xi Ying entered the bookstore.

In fact, given the amount of knowledge stored in her core chip, she doesn’t even need to go to the bookstore to read.

But who said she was merely reading a educational book?

Xi Ying entered the children’s area after passing through the adult’s area.

She casually selected a funny comic book and sat cross-legged on the ground.

Funny cartoons are not only easy to read, but they are also very enjoyable. It is the best way to kill time when you are bored.

Xi Ying has been sitting here reading for about an hour.

She put down the comic book and stood up an hour later to stretch her muscles and bones.

Although she is not required to be active as a mechanical girl, she has developed a habit as a human being that is difficult to break.

She moved and looked around.

At this point, Xi Ying noticed a crowd gathered around the door.

And there appears to be a proclivity to fight.

Anyway, it is boring. She just walked over and took a look.

When she walked closer, she realized that it was noisy concerning whether a person could come in.

And that person…

Xi Ying approached, only to see a man with long hair that reached his shoulders and shabby clothes.

His appearance is obscured by his long black hair, making it difficult to see his face.

Is a homeless person.

“This lady, our bookstore has never discriminated against anyone.

Although he is a homeless man, he loves reading very much. I have been working in a bookstore for five years, and I can see him reading books every night!

And every time he reads, he washes his hands clean.

Look at his body again. Although his clothes are worn out, they are not dirty!

You can’t discriminate against him just because he is a tramp! “

The hulking security guard fought valiantly, and his neck was red.

“I discriminate against such a dirty man by not letting him in? Do you still need to do business in the bookstore?

Let such a homeless man come in and read a book. Do you know how many bacteria he carries on his body?”

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