I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 30.5

After falling asleep with her mouth open at the awards ceremony, You Qiuqiu fell asleep with her mouth open again.

Due to parkour, she was too tired this time.

When she noticed something, she saw the crew taking selfies with her, crowding around her as if they were seeing an internet celebrity location.

You Qiuqiu: “…”?

She asked the surrounding people with hesitancy. She did nothing. Why would they have to photograph her?

The people who had asked shook their heads and smiled at the same time.



You Qiuqiu: She believes everyone is deceiving her.

You Qiuqiu couldn’t figure it out, but since everyone else was laughing, she didn’t bother looking into it. 

She was far too lazy to make a guess.

You Qiuqiu switched between the two crews, and she also received a call from an unexpected person.

It’s from Cui Jiannan.

“Jiannan Ge?”

“Did you accidentally press the number?”

When You Qiuqiu received this call, she thought the other party had dialed the wrong one.

Cui Jiannan is a word-of-mouth actor who has previously appeared in 《Leisure Time》 with You Qiuqiu. Everyone on the show gets along well, and they basically take each other’s phone numbers for communication methods when they leave.

Despite having the contact information, You Qiuqiu never considered looking for a big guy like Cui Jiannan.

Everyone just met together and made a show. 

Maybe there will be no chance to meet in the future. ​In fact, she is quite different from an actor who has worked like Shi Jing, and her status is far different from that of Cui Jiannan.

It’s just that Cui Jiannan refuted You Qiuqiu’s speculation.

On the phone, he smiled, and his voice was gentle and clear.

“Why is Qiuqiu so unfamiliar? You can’t talk to your friends if you have nothing?”

Of course, they can talk to each other, but You Qiuqiu believes that regardless of their time together or other factors, the two of them can’t talk at the level of friends.

Cui Jiannan did not make You Qiqiu feel uneasy. After that, he got to the point.

“That’s it. I’m recording a variety show called 《Heartbeat Challenge》. I don’t know if you have heard of it.”

“Originally, the director team had already decided on a guest for the following issue. Because of personal reasons, a female guest must cancel the recording. The director hoped to find a female guest to come in and save the scene in a more determined manner. I just helped the director in asking if you have time…”

Of course, You Qiuqiu are aware of the 《Heartbeat Challenge》. This is one of the most popular variety shows these days. The third season has begun, and Cui Jiannan is one of the resident guests.

The crew team has many tricks, and the theme is the same as the name of the show, which is called the Heartbeat.

There are a lot of extreme challenge activities, and some are randomly selected amateurs on the street for everyone to cooperate and help to complete.

Anyway, the show has a lot of ideas, and it has a lot of classic hilarious episodes.

Cui Jiannan claimed that he was assisting the director in approaching her, but You Qiuqiu knew that he had introduced her. Otherwise, the director may not recognize her.

You Qiuqiu thanked Cui Jiannan first, explaining that she was filming a TV series and needed to discuss the schedule with the company before responding to Cui Jiannan.

He was in a good mood over there. He stated that he would wait for the response.

You Qiuqiu informed her boss, Mr. Sheng, after receiving this invitation.

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