QTRTHYHBA Chapter 332

Do you know that these bacteria will spread from his body to the books?

I’m not thinking about it for myself; I’m thinking about it for everyone in the bookstore who reads!

Have you ever cared about other people’s feelings when you let him in?!”

The aunt has a sharp voice. She cursed the security guard while placing her hand on her hips and pointing at his nose with her finger.

The tramp at the center of the storm of controversy remained silent.

He didn’t mean to want to go either.

He wants to read a book in a bookstore.

“That is, you still want to do business? If you let this tramp in, then I won’t buy books at your store today!”


“Me too!”

Under the leadership of the aunt, many onlookers who were “filled with righteous indignation” echoed.

Xi Ying’s hand is suddenly itchy.

Many onlookers “filled with righteous indignation” echoed under the leadership of the aunt.

Xi Ying’s hand becomes itchily itchy.

It wasn’t because the tramp was in a bad situation and she wanted to help him, but because she was afraid that the world would not be chaotic.

She’s just bored today, so let’s play with these people.

“Xiao Yiyi, how do you exchange cash with points? “

【Reporting to the host, a bank card with unlimited money can be exchanged for 100 points. 】

It really can be said to be super cheap.

“Then exchange it and save it first.”

【Good. 】

【Reporting to the host, a bank card with unlimited money has been successfully redeemed. 100 points have been deducted, leaving the remaining points at eighty-nine thousand nine hundred points.】

A clear voice suddenly sounded when the security guard was embarrassed.

“I’m curious how many books you guys can buy tonight.”

People looked in the direction of the sound one after another.

They could see a graceful woman with ice, snow, and jade skin approaching.


She was dressed in a simple pure white cotton gown, but she appeared to be a fairy who had slowly landed on the earth beneath auspicious clouds.

Her temperament is as cold as ice and as pure as jade.

Like the purest and most transparent snow lotus on the snow-capped mountain.

“You, Miss, you are…” When the security guard saw Xi Ying, he couldn’t take his gaze away from her.

It took a lot of effort for him to ask.

“I’m just a friendly citizen passing by.” 

Xi Ying approached the homeless man and softly asked, “May I ask you a question?”

The tramp is taller than Xi Ying, but because of his long hair and the shadow cast by the lights in the bookstore, Xi Ying can’t see his face.


The tramp said hoarsely, three seconds later.

“Which one would you choose if I gave you a million right now and another chance to enter the store and read a book?”


The tramp stated this unequivocally.


Xi Ying appeared pleased with his response.

In fact, this was just a casual reason, she thought.

“Just say this to him. Today I have to let him in,” Xi Ying said, turning around and looking at the group of people who were clamouring not to let homeless people enter the shop.

Don’t think that being attractive entitles you to special treatment! “Even if the King of Heaven comes today, I won’t let him in!”

The aunt yelled angrily.

“That’s it!” The others echoed it.

“However, the security guards let him in.” With her hand, Xi Ying gently teased the broken hair near her ear.

This action alone is enough to stun all the men in the room.

The homeless man didn’t even look at Xi Ying’s body.

Some of those who refused to let homeless people into the store brought their husbands.

When they discovered that their husband’s gaze was firmly fixed on Xi Ying’s body, they couldn’t help but utter the word “vixen” in hushed tones before taking their husband away.


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