Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 337

Xi Ying rose from the sofa and proceeded to the cashier to pay.

She returned her gaze to Lu Zijin as she swiped the card.

Lu Zijin simply stared at her in the mirror in front of him.


Xi Ying turned around and her lips curled.

She’s already 30% convinced that Lu Zijin was her lover in a previous life.

【Why host think like that?】 Xiao Yiyi is curious.

“Because my lover is the most attractive person on the current plane.” Xi Ying praised him without restraint.

【…Then you are great.】 This sudden dog food choked Xiao Yiyi.

When Xi Ying is more than 50% certain, she will take a bite!

Then she’ll be able to see if he has a red mark on his soul!

Lu Zijin’s attractiveness has increased to 100% after leaving the barbershop.

Everyone who passes by his side will turn to look at him.

“You said it’s difficult to look good, isn’t it?” 

Xi Ying inquired, holding an ice cream she had just purchased from M shop.

And Lu Zijin had one in his hand as well.

The second one is half the price of the first.

Xi Ying made him take one.

In Xi Ying’s words, “Why save money when it is cheap?”

But isn’t it cheaper not to buy it?

Lu Zijin couldn’t comprehend the girl’s reasoning logic.

“What are we going to do next?” 

Lu Zijin asked blankly, not responding to Xi Ying’s question.

“I think you’re strange; why do you always ask questions again without answering mine? 

Don’t you understand the concept of first come, first served?

Before you ask me questions, you must at least answer my question!”

Xi Ying lifted her face from the ice cream, her brows twisted together, clearly upset.

Her upper lip was still stained with creamy white ice cream.

It is extremely appealing when combined with Xi Ying’s stunning appearance.

It’s like saying to people: “Come and kiss me, come and kiss me.”

But she didn’t seem to notice that something strange was on her lips.

Lu Zijin’s gaze was drawn to the creamy white ice cream on Xi Ying’s lips for a moment.

Then he averted his gaze and said, “It’s not a problem.”

“Let’s go get some clothes, let’s go.” 

Lu Zijin responded to Xi Ying’s question, and Xi Ying responded to Lu Zijin’s question.

Xi Ying puffed up her cheeks and pulled Lu Zijin forward angrily.

Lu Zijin let Xi Ying pull him.

When he glances at Xi Ying’s lips, his face is a little unnatural.

He raised his eyes and took in the current flow of people in the mall.

Although it is half-past 11, because of the unique nature of this mall, which is open until the early hours of the morning, many people are still present.

A group of young boys came arguing in the direction that Xi Ying wanted to go.

Lu Zijin understands that if a boy sees milky white liquid anywhere on a woman’s face, he will think of many indescribable things.

Beautiful women, especially Bing Ning, are the objects of their fantasies.

And this conjecture is a kind of psychological insult for women.

Although he and Bing Ning had not known each other for a long time, Bing Ning had helped him in the bookstore, so he couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Even more importantly.

The thought that Bing Ning might be the object of these boys’ imagination in the bed at night made Lu Zijin feel uncomfortable everywhere.

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