Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 338

So Lu Zijin stood in front of Xi Ying before the group of boys looked up and saw her.

Xi Ying looked up: “?”

Her face was puzzled.

It seems to ask: What do you want to do to her?

Lu Zijin’s gaze was drawn to the creamy white smudge on Xi Ying’s upper lip.

He reached out his hand and wiped her clean with the back of his hand.

After Lu Zijin finished wiping, Xi Ying touched his lips in hindsight, and she asked curiously, “Does it have ice cream?”

Lu Zijin said nothing, and show Xi Ying the back of his hand.

A faint white smear.

But Xi Ying’s attention is elsewhere.

“Lu Zijin, do you have this personality, or do you avoid talking to me on purpose?

I can only say ten sentences for one sentence from you, which is extremely dull.”

“I was a very dull person.” Lu Zijin said naturally.

“But I’m very interesting, so we’re a natural pair.” As long as people can hear it, Xi Ying’s tone sounds like she’s joking.

“No.” Lu Zijin denied this.

Xi Ying saw a dustbin nearby and threw the ice cream packaging in it.

“What?” Xi Ying hadn’t turned around.

“It’s not a natural match,” Lu Zijin retorted solemnly.

Everyone else could hear it as a joke, but Lu Zijin didn’t.


Xi Ying couldn’t help but laugh. 

“You still claimed to be dull, but I think you’re hilarious. Let’s not go any further. Let’s hurry and buy some clothes because the store will close soon.”

After that, Xi Ying took Lu Zijin’s hand in hers and walked forward with grace.

Lu Zijin knew Xi Ying did this to keep him from fleeing.


Why doesn’t he feel like breaking free?

It was time for the shop to close after the two of them had purchased the clothes.

Lu Zijin appears to be a different person at this point.

Because Xi Ying thought he looked better in a suit, he was forced to leave the store wearing it.

She bought not only a suit but also some casual wear and pyjamas.

“Did you see it just now, Lu Zijin?

Didn’t you put on your old clothes before going into the store? 

Several of the store’s shopping guides have been rolling their eyes at you.

Even if you look good, they don’t think you’re a good person.

But what about after you’ve purchased the clothes?

When you look at them, you’ll notice that their expressions have all changed. Their smile looked awkward.”

Xi Ying exclaimed joyfully.

“What exactly do you want to do, Bing Ning?” 

Lu Zijin who was carrying several bags of various sizes, came to a halt and asked her.

She helped him in the bookstore for no reason, took him to get his hair cut for no reason, and spent a lot of money on him.

What is her goal?

“I’m not interested in doing anything. 

I think you have a very attractive face. 

You would waste natural resources if you spent the entire day buried in long, dirty hair and shabby clothes.”

“…that’s it?” Why doesn’t Lu Zijin believe it?

He considered it all the way, including the possibility that Bing Ning was sent there to make a fool of him or kill him.

“That’s all. 

I’d like to ask you, Lu Zijin, do you think I look good?” 

Xi Ying questioned Lu Zijin mysteriously.


Lu Zijin looked at Xi Ying, puzzled by why she had suddenly asked such a question.

He examined Xi Ying’s features and replied wearily, “You look good.”

“Do you know how many operations I’ve had on this face?”

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