Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 339

Xi Ying said nonsense, seriously the next second.

【Host, I think it’s perfectly fine for you to be a queen with your acting abilities! 

Furthermore, your level of lying and not drafting has reached perfection. 

You can do it casually by fiddling with your fingertips, ah! 】Xiao Yiyi commented as she licked the melon seeds.

“…” Lu Zijin was taken aback.


Is Bing Ning’s face a fake? Why can’t he find any evidence of plastic surgery?

This is not scientific.

“I’ve had 12 operations, both big and small, to get the perfect look now.” 

Xi Ying purposefully cupped her hands around her cheek.

“So you should know I have a particular fondness for attractive people.”

“Do you think I’d have spent so much money on you if it hadn’t been for that amazing glance at you in the bookstore?”

Xi Ying spun around. Her eyes looked proudly toward Lu Zijin.

The corners of Lu Zijin’s mouth twitched. “It turns out it’s because of this.”

“Also, what do you think it is? Wouldn’t you think I’m a trafficker, giving you sweets to gain your trust and then selling you?”

Xi Ying exaggeratedly stated.

Lu Zijin remained silent.

Even though Xi Ying’s original idea was horrifying, the two were inseparable.

If Xi Ying was that person sent over, she must have been sent over to make his life worse.

It’s no different from being abducted by traffickers.

“And you know, when I just paid the money, I felt like a wealthy woman, and you were the little white face I kept.

In fact, this feeling is so good that I decided to give it a few more tries.”

Xi Ying smiled and joked once more, waiting for Lu Zijin’s response.

Sure enough, she noticed Lu Zijin’s white face was tinted with a thin layer of blush, and he replied sternly, “I am not a little white face.”

And you are, indeed, a wealthy woman, in my opinion.

“Haha, Lu Zijin, your positioning of yourself is really ridiculously wrong. You are very interesting!” Xi Ying laughed and pulled him out of the store.

There are many taxis outside the store.

They all came to look for work despite knowing that the plaza would be closed in the early morning and that many people would fight for taxis.

After Xi Ying pulled Lu Zijin into the car, he said to the driver: “Trouble master, go to the Imperial Grand Hotel la.”

“Oh, you’re such a sweet little girl. This is my responsibility. This is my job. How can there be any trouble or inconvenience!

I’d also like to thank you for doing business with me!”

The driver smiled at what Xi Ying said.

Working at night is very hard.

He doesn’t expect to meet people who tell them “It’s hard work,” but he hopes he doesn’t meet people who rob in the middle of the night.

Xi Ying finally let go of Lu Zijin’s hand as the car drove away.

Lu Zijin took a deep breath and looked down.

He talked to Xi Ying for nearly three hours.

Now, in his mind, he will go through all of the scenes he encounters, beginning with the first time he meets Xi Ying and ending with the present.

After going through the memory, Lu Zijin discovered from the details that Bing Ning was a good girl.

When she sees injustice, even if it is a stranger, she will assist; this is why there is a scene where she and the aunt are at the bookstore’s door.

She is well educated. After eating the ice cream, if she didn’t find a dustbin, instead of casually tossing the ice cream packaging, she held it in her hand until she saw the dustbin.

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