Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 340

She respects others, whether that person is a homeless person or an ordinary person like a conscientious taxi driver, and she has not shown a superior attitude because of her identity and the wealth gap.

She puts herself and others on equal footing and truly achieves equality for all.

Such a woman…

Lu Zijin cast a glance at Xi Ying, who was sitting next to him and humming a song.

He has no right to be in the same space as her.

They arrived at the Imperial Grand Hotel ten minutes later.

Xi Ying stepped out of the car with ease, grabbing the corner of Lu Zijin’s clothes to keep him from fleeing.

Lu Zijin carried paper bags in both hands.

The two were standing at the magnificent hotel entrance. Lu Zijin frowned and asked, “Why come to the hotel?”

“What else can I do but sleep?” 

Xi Ying looked at him as if he were an idiot.

“I’m not going. I can just go back to sleep under the bridge,” Lu Zijin said.

“Hey, hey, hey, Young Master Lu! Are you really going to wear these tens of thousands of yuan suit, carry these bags of clothes worth more than half a million yuan, and go back to sleep under the bridge hole? You are clearly treating my heart like a dog stepping on it!”

Xi Ying was furious.

Lu Zijin’s face was expressionless when he heard her rude words, “You bought these things forcibly.”

The underlying message is that it has nothing to do with him.

“But for whom did I buy it? Is it true that I’m a little fairy who likes to dress in men’s clothes? Aren’t I a big lady in women’s clothing?”

【Wow, the host, you are great. You can talk in different ways. I admire and admire it. 】Xiao Yiyi ‘Tsk Tsk’ and praise.

Lu Zijin did not know how to return her sentence.

The clothes were indeed purchased for him, and Bing Ning showed a great deal of sincerity.

However, when staying in a hotel, you must report your ID number.

His accommodation information will be synchronized to the computer over there once it is entered the computer.

Bing Ning will be implicated at that point…

He didn’t want to hurt Bing Ning.

【Reporting to the host, Lu Zijin’s favorability for you has reached 20%! 】

【I said that when I was on the last plane, I felt that something was missing. It turned out that there was no hint of favorability.】

“Do you have something unspeakable?” Xi Ying’s eyes flashed when she heard Xiao Yiyi’s prompt. “Are you a wanted criminal? That’s why you can’t stay in a hotel and pretend to be a tramp on purpose?”

Lu Zijin choked silently.

He has to say that Bing Ning’s brain hole is quite big.

From the human trafficker just now to the wanted criminal, her brains are simply going to heaven.

“No, if you’re a wanted criminal, you don’t want to show your true face.

But didn’t you still change your hair and clothes? Besides, with your face, if you commit something, you will be caught every minute?”

Speaking of this, Xi Ying seemed to have thought of something. “Hey, hey, hey are you also doing plastic surgery? That’s why you are so handsome? I said that you can score a hundred points with this kind of face!”

Lu Zijin raised his hand to stop Xi Ying from going any further.

If he left her to speak any longer, the alien’s guess might come out.

“Stop it, I’ll just follow you in, but first I’d like to tell you something: I don’t have an ID card.”

You must show your ID card when you stay in a hotel. This is the rule.

“It turned out to be because of this. Do you remember your ID number?”

“I don’t remember.”

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