I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 30.6

“Did Cui Jiannan ask you to appear as a guest on the variety show Heartbeat Challenge?”

Sheng Shiyun was taken aback after hearing You Qiuqiu’s explanation.

“Did you two have any prior contact, or did you have any contact after filming the show?”

With a sharp look, You Qiuqiu responded: There is no contact. We had never met before filming “Leisure Time.” This is the first time we’ve had a private conversation.

Sheng Shiyun was unconcerned about You Qiuqiu deceiving him. Her sorrows and emotions were all visible on her face. If she had a backer like Cui Jiannan, she would be well known in the entertainment industry by now.

Heartbeat Challenge is a great resource for a little flower who has a fan base, and it is a huge pie from the sky for You Qiuqiu.


It can only be said that You Qiuqiu is unfathomably fortunate. Even the actor with whom she has previously collaborated once drew her in.

There is no reason for him to refuse, no matter how he looks at it.

You Qiuqiu replied to Cui Jiannan via WeChat after Sheng Shiyun decided and said she could receive it.

She didn’t have many scenes in either of the two films, so she had time to take part in the recording of ‘Heartbeat Challenge.’ 

She, of course, did not forget to thank him.

Cui Jiannan was extremely busy and had many jobs. 

He replied to You Qiuqiu with an OK gesture in the middle of the night.


After learning that You Qiuqiu was going to record 《Heartbeat Challenge》, Li Ge told all the pros and cons of the variety show.

 According to Li Ge’s disclosure, he entered the entertainment circle to fulfil his dream of chasing stars, which is Ren Bing. Who knew that after so many years, he still hadn’t seen Ren Bing once.

You Qiuqiu: Li Ge didn’t see the goddess; perhaps he made the wrong choice.

He shouldn’t choose to play with a monkey.

Li Ge asked You Qiuqiu to take a few more photos with Ren Bing, and it would be best to have another autograph. You Qiuqiu agree with the request. Of course, whether it can be completed depends on a variety of factors.

The contract from the Heartbeat Challenge program group came through quickly. After the signing process, You Qiuqiu was going to open a business non-stop.

This program will not announce the current guests until the recording is complete. You Qiuqiu don’t know whether to notify the fans about picking up the plane at the airport or something.

She hadn’t chased the stars, and she had always thought that the pick-up was a little exciting, but she still asked inadvertently in the group, intending to inquire.

To find out the answer.

“It’s a pleasure to meet Qiuqiu at the airport, ah. 

I’m able to touch Qiuqiu face to face.”

“It’s not hard at all. If I just had time and knew that the cub was going to the airport, I would definitely be the first to rush out!”

“I want to take a closer look at Qiuqiu. I envy the friends who have picked up the plane. It’s so much fun for everyone to interact.”

You Qiuqiu looked at the group chat, and it turned out to be like this.

Her gaze was drawn immediately to the next sentence.

“I want to be the same as everyone else. Hold the delicious food, let Qiuqiu stare at me while I’m eating, hahaha.”

You Qiuqiu:?

Is this a fake fan?

You Qiuqiu, on the other hand, posted a Weibo, inadvertently revealing that she was going to the airport on Tuesday.

Then, just as she was about to go to the group and shout, “Wow, everyone, go to Weibo. Qiu cub will go to the airport on Tuesday. You can stop her,” she discovered that someone had gotten ahead of her.

 [Qiu Cub’s Number ① Guardian Angel]: You Qiuqiu is going to the airport on Tuesday. Everyone can pick her up at the airport. She posted in Weibo.

You Qiuqiu believe that this [Qiu Cub’s Number ① Guardian Angel] should be her devoted follower. Although he does not take the usual route and does not refer to her as Qiuqiu or Cub like everyone else, he can find her post in seconds. Only devoted fans can accomplish this.


On Tuesday, You Qiuqiu went to the airport, and Mr. Sheng was still picking him up.

Mr. Sheng’s job as a general manager, a broker, and a part-time driver is difficult.

Sheng Shiyun simply told her not to get involved in any trouble. The emotionally weak boss waved goodbye to the social animal employees after telling them to contact him as soon as possible if there was a problem.

After arriving at the airport, You Qiuqiu began looking for her fans for the first time.

There are dozens of people, both men, and women, holding a variety of snacks and eagerly beckoning to her.

She was certain that the look in the eyes belonged to one of her fans; after all, other artists’ fans would not bring a plethora of snacks.

You Qiuqiu trotted over, pushing the suitcase, and the first sentence came up: “Don’t catch me, I’m not going anywhere.”

The fans froze for a moment, then burst out laughing. Everyone is aware of this. You Qiuqiu’s first airport pickup was an accident. The girl was so excited that she grabbed You Qiuqiu’s arm, and a dozen people rushed towards her.

You Qiuqiu looked at the food in everyone’s hands and asked: “You want to come directly, or follow the process?”

You don’t want to eat it in front of her, do you?

Come on then!

She was prepared to face the world’s sufferings.

The chicken legs are very fragrant and tasty…

The author has something to say:

Qiuqiu: Fake fan.

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