I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 31.2

Qiu cub’s eager little eyes are too pitiful!


The reason everyone eats in front of her is just for fun.

When the cubs used to do Mukbang live broadcasts, they were starving and greedy. Now that the cubs want to lose weight, then they are welcome and come to a good reincarnation.

But when they put it into action, their conscience suddenly hurt.

Listening to everyone’s descriptions, You Qiuqiu examined the burger’s appearance, smelled the flavor, and noticed that the xylitol in her mouth was no longer fragrant.


Oh my God, it’s so torturous, she really wants to eat it.

But, as she looked at the burger that was handed to her, she thought of going to the gym if she had eaten it…

Qiuqiu clenched her teeth. 

“You eat it, I won’t eat it,” she said, stretching out her trembling hand.

She added two more xylitol tablets to her mouth with tears, the previous one having been chewed and tasteless.

You Qiuqiu, have gone through the process with everyone, chatting with everyone, and will go through the security check.

“Qiu cub, we have a fan name as well.”

The sister with bangs opened her mouth as she was about to leave.

The fan’s name is the exclusive name of the fan group on the Internet. 

Those who only like artists tend to use words associated with the artist’s name.

It was the first time You Qiuqiu had learned that his fans had names, and he was taken aback.

“Can you tell me what it’s called?” she inquired.


You Qiuqiu: Is it the Planet Cup[2]? Speaking of which, she hasn’t eaten it for a while…

“The light of the planet may not be the brightest, but it will always revolve around you,” the girl explained.

The girl’s face flushed as she spoke love words to the master, but her words were still very clear.

For a while, the word “Xingqiu” became warm and powerful as soon as this sentence was explained, and You Qiuqiu was grateful for a while.

Fortunately, she had a slow mouth and said the Planet Cup. She was still too superficial in comparison to the fans.

“Jiayou Cub!” A tall man shouted at You Qiuqiu after she had already passed the security check.

“Jiayou.” You Qiuqiu said to everyone.

The tall man waited for You Qiuqiu’s back to completely vanish. 

He realized it later when he saw the hamburger sundae in his hand and the various flavors of pie.

“By the way, were we petted by the cub?”

Then someone said, “Yes!”

Oh my God, what a stroke of luck. The cub actually spoiled Baba and Mama.

The dozens of people who had come to pick up the airport were no longer satisfied. 

They used Weibo to share text, videos, and photos.

Xingqiu who did not come to pick up Qiuqiu was envious of death. They watch the photos and videos that have been instantly transformed into super lemon essence, ah, ah, they also want to be petted by the cubs, and the cubs are very good!

“Awsl died several times. Why is there a cute Qiuqiu in the world? The look in cub eyes when chewing xylitol or something is too cute.”

“I want to pinch the cub’s cheek and say, “Let her eat, let her eat. What’s the big deal about being fat? Have you ever eaten someone else’s rice? Even though she is overweight, our cubs look good.”

Aside from an old mother’s heart pounding for the cub, these videos drew the attention of other passers-by.


[1] Xingqiu mean planet.

[2] Planet Cup is a chocolate snack.

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