Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 333

Chapter 333

“What does this tramp business have to do with you? I tell you, little girl, don’t be nosy. Go home right now. It’s already late! Your parents do not scold you when you go back late?”

The aunt who stopped the tramp at the beginning is still reluctant.

“I don’t scold you. I came to the bookstore to read. Why do you scold me? Do you think everyone can say anything with one mouth like you? “

Xi Ying frowned slightly, her amber eyes pure and innocent, but her words were thorny.

“You! That’s how you talked to your elders?!”

When the aunt realized that Xi Ying was making too much noise, she used her identity to suppress Xi Ying.

She attempted to do moral kidnapping.

What a shame, ah, what a shame.

Xi Ying is not someone who has a moral principle.

Want to moral kidnap her?

There is no such thing.

“How did I not realize I had a discriminatory elder like you in my family?”

A charming and tender feeling was left behind between the waves of Xi Ying’s eyes.

“You! Are you deliberately against me today?” The aunt was so enraged that her chest went straight up and down as if she was about to pass out.


In fact, Xi Ying could see that this aunt was already a little confused.

In order not to lose face in the public, she can only threaten her in this way.

“I simply want people who enjoy reading to come here and read. The teacher would compliment me if I did this in class.”


They don’t know who in the crowd laughed.

Not only because of her words but also because of her adorable expression.

Even the tramp turned to look at Xi Ying.

His eyes lifted slightly, revealing a pair of lovely peach eyes.

“Well, I will remember you!” When she noticed that everyone around her was no longer united in their support for her, the aunt hurriedly left after saying something that was not threatening.

The remaining people did not object too sharply.

Xi Ying became bored.

Just walked away like that?

She had hoped it would be more interesting after the long night.

It’s fine to fight or do whatever you want.


It’s a scumbag with only five combat abilities.

“Miss, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me today.” When the security guard saw that the crisis had been resolved, he let the homeless man into the bookstore and thanked Xi Ying.

When the fat security guard spoke with Xi Ying, he wanted to see her but didn’t dare to look at her, which was amusing.

“There’s no need to thank me; I’m just looking for something to do.” 

Xi Ying yawned in a dull manner.

The fat security guard was taken aback. 

Mom, fairies are fairies, and why do they look beautiful even when they yawn?

But, wait a minute, what did the fairy just say?

Is she just looking for something to do?

Xi Ying had already left before the fat security guard could react.

She is no longer interested in reading comic books.

She is quite interested in the tramp.

At least let her see what the tramp looks like.

Furthermore, after learning from the previous plane’s lessons, Xi Ying decided to pay special attention to men other than the male lead in every plane.

Perhaps it’s her lover.

Among the well-dressed people, the tramp stands out.

Xi Ying found him with little difficulty.

He is currently reading a book about the C programming language.

Belongs to the category of computers.

“Can you do programming?” 

Xi Ying leaned in close and looked at the book’s contents.

The codes were all over the sheet of paper.

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