Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 334

The tramp appears unaccustomed to having someone so close to him.

Especially if the other party is a woman.

He held the book, walked to a corner, and squatted down, immersed in the sea of knowledge.

Xi Ying found that this tramp was very interesting.

The farther away he is, the closer Xi Ying will be.

“Hey, anyway, I helped you just now. You don’t even have to say thank you. I approached you, but you ignored me. Can you read so many books? Can you read them later?”

Xi Ying said aggrievedly.

The tone is very similar. I’m afraid Xiao Yiyi would believe it if she didn’t know her character well.

While holding the book, the tramp’s fingers stiffened slightly.

He then raised his head and gazed at Xi Ying.

It is only now that Xi Ying can see exactly what the tramp looks like.

A pair of stunning peach eyes is enough to drive a slew of fans insane.

Not to mention his enticing face.

This tramp is actually a mixed race!

“Is that why you hid your face behind your hair?” Xi Ying asked curiously.

“Thank you for tonight,” the tramp said.

“What’s your name?” Xi Ying asked again.

The tramp lowered his head and set his sights on the book again.

Nothing appears to be more important in this world than reading books and codes.

“Hello. What’s your name?” Xi Ying squatted down and asked him.

The tramp remained silent.

Is this playing an overbearing tramp ignoring the secretary?

Why does the tramp have such a strong sense of the president?

Xi Ying snatched the book from the tramp.

The tramp looked at her.

“Don’t read it, I will buy you all these books, and you will go out with me now.”

With that, Xi Ying stood up and prepared to leave.

Although the tramp stood up, he walked to the location where the computer books were placed.

He is going to read another book.

Seeing this, Xi Ying did not stop him and continued walking towards the cashier.

Five minutes later, the book in the tramp’s hands was taken away by the salesperson.

“We’re sorry, but all the books in this category have already been purchased.” The salesperson explained to the tramp.

The tramp then noticed that all the books in the computer book booth were empty…

He went looking for Xi Ying’s figure subconsciously.

At the cash register, he saw Xi Ying piled high with books, waiting for another one.

When Xi Ying noticed the tramp looking at him, she raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Her expression says, “I’m rich and willful. Let you watch it again.”

Lu Zijin was speechless.

What does this woman want to do?

When he fought with the aunt, it was this woman who asked him to enter the store to read;

It was this woman who snatched his books and even bought all the computer-categorized books.

He’s no longer the highly eligible bachelor he once was, and he looked sloppy.

What does she like about him?

Is it because of his appearance?

It doesn’t appear to be the case.

Xi Ying returned to Lu Zijin’s side.

“If you want to read those books, follow me.

If I’m right, in the whole N city, only this bookstore allows you to read books. If you don’t follow me, then you will never see these books again.

Because every time they add a new one, I’ll buy it until you agree to follow me.”

She threatens him without trying to hide it.

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