I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 31.4

“Did you just wake up?”

As long as You Qiuqiu have spare time in 《Leisure Time》, she will sleep. Some netizens even made a collection of the scenes of You Qiuqiu sleeping in the show.

Cui Jiannan and Ma Juan admired You Qiuqiu’s sleep quality several times. Having a good night’s sleep becomes a luxury as they get older.

“Eat early and rest early,” Cui Jiannan gently reminded You Qiuqiu. “The filming task for tomorrow will still be quite heavy.”


The dinner was over quickly. Even if there were popular artists, they still had to converge in front of a group of more advanced seniors.

You Qiuqiu was 80 percent full and returned to her room to sleep soundly.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the recording of the Heartbeat Challenge program officially began.

The host began by introducing the guests in the usual manner. 

The audience is already familiar with the resident guests, and the main introduction is to flying guests such as You Qiuqiu.

《Heartbeat Challenge》claims to play unexpectedly. There is no such thing as a detailed table script, but there is a simple one. You Qiuqiu has read the script and understand that after the introduction and teasing until the atmosphere becomes warm, she will enter the lottery to be assigned to a group.

Cui Jiannan is the most familiar with her entire program group. It is best to draw Cui Jiannan directly. He is still a resident guest and has a good understanding of many of the rules of the show.

Cui Jiannan also revealed before the shoot that the two of them should work as a team and that he could take care of her.

However, there aren’t many good opportunities.

You Qiuqiu and another resident guest, Lan Xuan, were drawn together after the draw. Another flying guest, the popular sweet singing princess Duo Duo, drew Cui Jiannan.

“Qiuqiu is in my group; brother will cover you!”

When Lan Xuan saw You Qiuqiu, he was still ecstatic.

He is also a regular on 《Heartbeat Challenge》 . He has a name like a weak scholar, but he is a burly, muscular man.

Lan Xuan was a professional basketball player who had to retire because of an injury. He was also quite open in the entertainment industry because of his tenacity and physical strength.

Following the conclusion of the lottery, the wheel will be spun to determine the challenges that each group will face.

“The color green shows that the challenge’s content is relatively easy, while the color red shows that it is more difficult. Qiuqiu, I’m not having much luck. Every time I spun, it didn’t work out. Otherwise, you’ll have to try, ah.”

Lan Xuan launched You Qiuqiu after observing the other teams sending guests to turn the wheel.

Lan Xuan liked the clip where You Qiuqiu stretched out her hand to fish and pick toon buds in 《Leisure Time》.At the time, he thought this actress was very lucky.

It just so happened that two of them became a team. Would he also get Qiuqiu’s luck?

A talent like hers should shine in an appropriate position.

The previous group had already spun the wheel, and the outcome was not favorable. 

The arrow pointed to the light red, and the guests wept.

You Qiuqiu’s palm sweated as she faced Lan Xuan’s expectant gaze. “Then I… go.”

She was actually a little apprehensive. She had been fortunate in the past, but it appears that she has only recently become fortunate.

“Go!” says Lan Xuan. Qiuqiu, pick up!

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