I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 31.6

“It’s a little chilly.” Lan Xuan stated this.

You Qiuqiu felt that it was not just cold, but extremely cold.

After they walked in completely, the surrounding area was not only completely dark but also only faintly illuminated with green light. There were occasional murmurs of resentment around them, and the atmosphere had been sufficiently established.

Lan Xuan looked around nervously for fear that something would suddenly jump out. He still didn’t forget to show his boyfriend’s power.

“Qiuqiu, if you’re scared, get closer to me, or go behind me… Oh my!” Halfway through demonstrating his boyfriend’s power, his voice abruptly stopped and turned into a series of curse words out of fear.

Just now, something with blue and purple face and torn clothes crawled towards them, looking like a zombie. Lan Xuan’s trouser leg was grabbed, and his entire body jumped forward. He felt his heart was about to burst.


“Ah ah ah!”

He yelled, then called You Qiuqiu’s name, and the two of them ran aimlessly inside.

You Qiuqiu also kept a close eye on Lan Xuan.

“Brother, it seems to be all right.”

Lan Xuan was stopped by You Qiuqiu, and there was nothing behind him.


Lan Xuan’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat. He stopped, but he was still a little disoriented.

“Qiuqiu, didn’t the one just now scare you?”

He wiped the sweat from his brow and looked at You Qiuqiu, who was completely calm.

You Qiuqiu: “You ran too fast, I haven’t reacted yet.”

You Qiuqiu remember how the “zombies” appeared out of nowhere and said, “It’s really scary.”

Lan Xuan’s yell had actually scared her. You Qiuqiu didn’t expect such a stern scream from a man, so she patronized her ears and ran with him.

Lan Xuan, “…younger sister ah, your reflex arc is really long.” 

The night vision camera that had been placed in the horror room paid close attention to recording a series of reactions, and the director almost laughed as he observed the performance of these two people.

Lan Xuan knew that his performance was embarrassing, and he was now attempting to force his aura. “Qiuqiu, brother is really not afraid. It was an accident. She came out too early and too fast. I was not mentally prepared. She even pulled my trousers. Now I am prepared.”

You Qiuqiu nodded: Okay.

After a brief pause, the two of them resumed their journey. Lan Xuan’s performance on the road was considered normal, and there was no such stern cry as before.

That’s because there are no staff from the Horror House.

Then the white robe, who has long hair and can’t see her face appeared. The “female ghost” held a vaguely faced prop head, and faintly shouted, “You… who saw my head.”

The prop heads that she was holding fell to the ground. It rolled across the ground and came to a halt at You Qiuqiu and Lan Xuan’s feet. The prop’s eyes are drawn very loosely, with a lot of “dead eyes.”

Lan Xuan’s body trembled as if the autumn wind had swept the fallen leaves.

“Ah ah ah!”

The heart-piercing cry erupted once more, and he dashed behind You Qiuqiu, still muttering some words.

“This is also terrible!”

“What in the world is it?”

“Get away from me, you make me look bad!”

The brawny man who previously stated his desire to protect You Qiuqiu now seeks asylum behind You Qiuqiu, who is much smaller than himself.


 You Qiuqiu should have been scared, but Lan Xuan’s yelling shattered all her fears. Now she only feels that her eardrums are shaking and painful.

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