I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 31.7

You Qiuqiu took up the prop that had fallen on her feet and approached the “female ghost.” Her voice was soft and waxy, and she was holding the prop.

“Here you are.”

“But… are you sure, is it yours?”

With a sudden change of tone, You Qiuqiu’s soft voice disappeared. She replaced her hair with a wig. The hair was extremely long, and he slammed into the “female ghost”, accompanied by crisp laughter.

The director must admit that this scene is very strange.


The director of the program group: “…It’s You Qiuqiu.”

You Qiuqiu had just taken a wig in the same style as the “female ghost” from the table beside her and put it on herself. 

Everything happened in a flash. 

Because of You Qiuqiu’s sudden show operation, the previous “female ghost” stumbled back two steps.

Damn, she scared her!

After being complained to by Lan Xuan, You Qiuqiu shocked her.You Qiuqiu lifted her long hair. It had a lovely face underneath. 

“You can act like this,” she told the “female ghost.”

After saying that, You Qiuqiu appeared in front of both of them as a “female ghost.” For a while, the “female ghost” scene was rehearsed, and the “female ghost” who was watching was stunned.

The program group’s director was equally taken aback.

What’s the problem? You’re still training?

She should be praised for being professional, right?

He has to admit that the horror value has increased because of You Qiuqiu’s performance.

But You Qiuqiu, do you remember that you are a guest to be scared?

You Qiuqiu had a relationship with the “female ghost” even after completing her performance training.

“Is it convenient to ask about salary?” 

The other party reported a figure.

Qiuqiu: Wow, that’s not bad!

Then she… can do it as well. The option of being a staff member in a haunted house has been added to You Qiuqiu’s career planning.

The “female ghost” believes she has been provoked. 

Why would a professional want to do this kind of work, eh?

The artists’ salaries are so high. It is too much to want to grab her job!

The staff let out an unhappy roar before turning around and leaving.

The figure on the left was gloomy and obstinate.

You Qiuqiu do not know what words offend the “female ghost.” She thinks the two of them are having a great time together. Doesn’t she want to talk to her again?

The opponent clearly did not want to talk to You Qiuqiu any longer. 

She vanished completely from You Qiuqiu’s sight in an instant.

You Qiuqiu then realized that Lan Xuan had vanished at this point.

Lan Xuan was terrified and fled before You Qiuqiu interacted with the “female ghost.”

Because You Qiuqiu was still looking for Lan Xuan, she didn’t stay any longer and continued on her own.

“Big brother is ready. You can go ahead,” said the program group’s director.

The horror house’s dignity will not tolerate provocation, so it’s time to show You Qiuqiu their trump card.

You Qiuqiu was terrified when she saw the House of Horrors’ trump card.

The show’s crew is choosy about props, from blood to bones.

With increasingly cold temperatures, low and strange music, she is alone, apart from the monster in front of her.

You Qiuqiu: trembling. jpg

When the director of the program group saw You Qiuqiu’s performance, he felt a little relieved. 

This is a normal performance. 

What were you doing before?

You Qiuqiu’s heart rate rose, and she timidly opened her mouth just as the trump card was about to move.

“Let me sing you a song.”

It’s too scary, so she sings a song to cheer herself up; it’s better than standing like this.

The author has something to say about it:

Qiuqiu: It’s awful, so let me sing you a song…

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