I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 32.6

However, before You Qiuqiu could turn on her phone, a large bag of things slammed into her with a “crack.”

You Qiuqiu acted quickly, covering her face with one arm and grasping the concealed weapon with the other.

? ? ?

Sheng Shiyun, “…” Does she need to be so careful?

You Qiuqiu had already seen something from the bag, and she was almost certain of the scent when she smelled it.


“The Golden Arch’s new product?”

“Mr. Sheng, you bought this for me, or let me hold it for you.” If it’s the latter, it’s too dog.

“I don’t enjoy eating junk food,” the man said, opening his mouth.

That’s the former.

You Qiuqiu felt even more psychedelic.

She took a bag of food and refused to eat anything.

“There’s no need, really no need to be so cruel, Mr. Sheng.”

“Can you just tell me if it has any laxatives in it?”

“I really don’t eat it; I haven’t eaten it for a long time.”

Although she was extremely greedy, she restrained herself. 

When she bought it for fans at the airport, she refused to take it and instead asked everyone to describe the taste to her.

She has worked very hard and with great restraint! 

What exactly do you want her to do?

“What are you talking about?” Sheng Shiyun’s thick brows slowly raised.

He had the feeling he couldn’t understand You Qiuqiu’s brain circuit any longer. 

What kind of image did he project in her mind? She actually felt that he testing her, and there was a laxative in it? Although… testing something is indeed something he can do, but the laxative is a bit evil.

“I don’t do anything, I just buy it for you and eat it.”

He said, without waiting for You Qiuqiu to ask again, “You won’t be able to lose weight overnight. It’s fine to eat some to satisfy your greed every now and then.”

You Qiuqiu was still dizzy until now, mainly because the surprise came too suddenly.

She used to scold him Xiao Sheng or dog all day, but she didn’t expect Mr. Sheng to buy her the Golden Arch product, her most greedy new product.

“How do you know I want to try new foods, Mr. Sheng?”

You Qiuqiu finally dared to eat after confirming that this was not a routine. She unpacked the layers and was moved when she saw the fried chicken she hadn’t seen in a long time.

In fact, she only asked casually, and she paid little attention to the man’s response.

 “I just bought casually.” Sheng Shiyun felt that You Qiuqiu talked little in normal times, but there are really a lot of words today. Can’t stop her mouth from eating?

The two of them’s communication ended here, and there was a rustling sound behind him. She ate like a small animal, and Sheng Shiyun kept a close eye on the road ahead.

He did not know how long it had been and had suddenly noticed that there had been no movement for a long time.


Sheng Shiyun casually looked back in the rearview mirror during the red light stop—

He was taken aback.

The woman was lying on her side in the back row; her face turned toward him. She was curled up and had no idea when she fell asleep. She was still holding a fried wing root in her hand, and before she could bite into it, she just hung with her arm in the air.

The black hair spreads out, and the delicate small face becomes whiter and whiter. 

Because of her yellowish skin, You Qiuqiu used to eat oranges. Her skin is gradually returning to its normal color now.

She slept with her cheeks flushed and the corners of her mouth slightly raised, as if she were having a good dream.

The sky darkened outside, the neon lights flickered, and she slept peacefully inside the car, in her own little world.

Too tired.

You Qiuqiu’s work intensity is extremely high these days. 

She must record a variety of shows while rushing between two crews to film the scene. 

Sheng Shiyun was also aware of it in his mind.

Obviously, this will not work, and it is time to arrange for her to have a life assistant.

Sheng Shiyun thought so.

Then he slowed down and parked on the side of the road where there was an empty spot.

He stepped out of the driver’s seat and opened the back door, where You Qiuqiu was.


He spread old newspapers under You Qiuqiu’s hand that was holding the fried chicken.

Don’t throw the fried chicken away in his car.

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