I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 33.3

Jiang Tao checked the time. It was exactly eight o’clock.

The marketing account was called out at eight o’clock, and You Qiuqiu positioned herself next to Jiang Tao. 

You Qiuqiu observed the well-known little flower’s love exposure with Jiang Tao.

The marketing account was very well prepared, and they immediately threw out the photos, including the airport photos of the popular little flower, and the phone screen magnified N times in her hand. 

There is a man on the screen, who can be seen in the background.

Jiang Tao’s grip on the phone trembled slightly, and she cast a sidelong glance at You Qiuqiu.

“Qiuqiu…I think the popular flower resembles you.”


You Qiuqiu: “It appears to be me.”

 “Look, my name is written on it,” she said as she stretched out her hand and clicked on the post from the marketing account.

The three words “You Qiuqiu” are very clear in the copywriting.

You Qiuqiu and Jiang Tao were both taken aback. Nobody expected them to eat their own melon.

“I am considered a popular flower?” sighed You Qiuqiu.

“Is the popular flower title so easy to get now?”

In the previous Weibo, the marketing account addressed the popular small flowers in the title, as well as several other things. 

What is mean to be popular and have high traffic?

Is this really something to do with her?

Jiang Tao had never been in a situation like this before. The little girl who had just started working as an assistant was terrified and didn’t know what to do. Then she heard the person in question express such feelings.

Jiang Tao:? ? ?

Should the emphasis be shifted here?

But Jiang Tao does not know why after You Qiuqiu’s interruption, she unexpectedly calmed down and even felt a little subtle joy

The crowd of people eating melons sent a black question mark face after the marketing account sent out that the popular flower in love was You Qiuqiu.

“I was really shocked. I wasted half an hour in vain. I thought it was shocking news. I didn’t expect a person who had never heard her name to come out and slip away.” 

“Who is You Qiuqiu? Is she a popular little flower?”

“You Qiuqiu is the actress who fell asleep on the hot search at the awards ceremony. I really like her, and her popularity is really not low. She has a hot search physique, but there is one thing to say, she is not a popular flower.

“I’m curious about the man on the phone screen. Is it inside the circle?”

When netizens were discussing it, Xingqiu was also taken aback by the sudden drop of melons.

Their house collapsed?

Is it true that the cub fell in love?

What is his name?

You Qiuqiu fan club’s manager is composed. Xiaowei spoke first, so Xingqiu did not have to rush to leave a message for clarification. 

Everything depends on Qiu cub’s company response.

You Qiuqiu, who the marketing account had dubbed a popular little flower, was on her way to the company right away. 

After the rumoured love news became public, her phone rang with various information reminders regularly.

Shi Jing is at the forefront of eating melon: Are you in love, sister? Who is it? Don’t we agree that single dogs should go together?

You Qiuqiu, “…” Why couldn’t she recall such an agreement with Shi Jing?

Shi Jing continued, “Is he handsome or not? If he’s handsome, does he have a handsome brother with such a good resource to introduce to this sister so that the fertilizer doesn’t flow to outsiders?”

Fang Shubai also found You Qiuqiu: Senior sister, you are on the hot search.

You Qiuqiu stated that she was aware of it, but before she could respond, Fang Shubai posed some questions that caused her face to turn black with a question mark.

Fang Shubai: Why did everyone else guess so many messy people, but not me? We have worked together twice, so I don’t have a sense of CP with my senior sister?

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