I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 33.4

People who eat melons have complained about whether You Qiuqiu is a popular little flower or whether they should go search for who was the man on her phone’s screen.

They don’t know who the man on You Qiuqiu’s screen phone is, but it could be a big name.

However, among a group of targets, there is no mention of Fang Shubai’s name from beginning to end.

Fang Shubai can’t help but wonder. For which reason? For what reason?

Fang Shubai was automatically eliminated by netizens. Even though they frequently collaborate, they appear to be humorous brothers and sisters. What do they match brothers and sisters?

You Qiuqiu did not respond.

When she reported to Mr. Sheng, he had already instructed her not to say anything for the time being and to return to the company to discuss first.

Sheng Shiyun was already at the company, waiting for You Qiuqiu. 

He quickly grasped the gist of the situation. 

By the way, he recognizes You Qiuqiu from the clothes she was wearing when she was rushing there to record “Heartbeat Challenge.”


“Let’s say, who are you in love with.”

“Who is the man on the phone screen?”

Sheng Shiyun did not criticize You Qiuqiu, and now the top priority is to solve the problem.

He wants to know who the man on the screen is and if the two of them are truly in love. 

If the man works in the entertainment industry, he should also contact the other side…

You Qiuqiu looked at the serious expression on his face. She shook her head and said, “I’m not in a relationship with anyone.”

“The phone screen picture is the God of Wealth.”

Sheng Shiyun frowned, “Huh?” 

The time has come, and You Qiuqiu is still playing with him?

“Really, God of Wealth.”

You Qiuqiu saw that Sheng Shiyun did not believe it. She directly raised her mobile phone screen in front of Sheng Shiyun and let the facts speak for themselves.

Sheng Shiyun was speechless when he saw the screen in front of him.


There hasn’t been a major event in the entertainment industry in a long time, causing everyone enjoys eating this melon with great energy.

When netizens predicted that You Qiuqiu would be cold and silent, or that she would reveal her love affair with the man. The Dream Weaving Entertainment and Culture Company, where You Qiuqiu worked, issued a statement.

Because [You Qiuqiu mobile phone screen] was still a popular search term, a swarm of melon-eating people swarmed in an instant.

Dream Weaving Entertainment V: We declare that the recent post of Ms. You Qiuqiu’s love has been spread falsely. Thank you for your interest in and support for our artist, You Qiuqiu. We sincerely hope that you will concentrate on the artist’s stage and screen works, as well as work together to maintain a harmonious network environment and refrain from spreading rumors.

Besides a statement, company V provided compelling evidence.

You Qiuqiu’s mobile phone screensaver.

Everyone discussed the man on You Qiuqiu’s mobile phone screensaver, which was directly exposed this time.


“??? Why are the men on the phone screens is a cartoon?” 

“I think this cartoon looked familiar…” 

“Familiar +1.” 

“I know this cartoon man. Isn’t this the God of Wealth that my father hangs in the living room?”

With a single word, one of the netizens jolted the dreamer awake, and everyone realized why this cartoon man was so familiar.

He wears a red costume, has a large beard, a hat with a copper coin on top, a friendly smile, and a large ingot in his hand.

Who is it if it isn’t the God of Wealth?

This melon has caused everyone to discuss for so long. Is the mysterious man on You Qiuqiu’s phone screen is the God of Wealth?

The people eating melons were taken aback. What type of melon did they eat?

Sand sculptured melon?

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