I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 33.5

Even after You Qiuqiu Company issued a statement, there were still voices of dissatisfaction who felt that things were not so simple.

You Qiuqiu’s company must be well thought out and want to divert everyone’s attention.

How could the God of Wealth be a screensaver and a good love partner at the same time?

They don’t believe that female artists are so down-to-earth and superficial.


However, a P-picture Great God soon appeared to slap their face. 

She used technology to analyze it step by step and eventually concluded that the mobile phone screensaver captured by the blurry airport photo is the cartoon God of Wealth.

This female artist is so down-to-earth, so superficial, and simple.

The case was solved.


Passers-by: “…seriously, this is the most sand-sculpted love melon they’ve ever eaten.”

The current popular little flower is insanely devoted to the God of Wealth. She runs into a brick wall for love, and the love brain sets the God of Wealth as a mobile phone screensaver. This is an actress who is asking for money.

You Qiuqiu’s fans were taken aback by this turn of events.

But then they reacted: Isn’t this their favourite cub?

Xingqiu announced the marriage of the Qiu cub to the God of Wealth!

The rest of the netizens are also Yingyingying; they want to marry the God of Wealth as well.

Who doesn’t like money?

“After eating this sand sculpture melon, all I want is a wallpaper.”

More than one person expressed an interest in the wallpaper. 

The prosperous God of Wealth embodies the most basic desire of social animals and You Qiuqiu’s screensaver is very attractive.

In fact, the netizens who requested screensavers did not have high hopes. 

After all, the artists may not see them, and even if they do, they may not want to share them.

However, You Qiuqiu’s Weibo was updated only ten minutes later.

You Qiuqiu V: The screensaver you’ve been looking for. [Picture]

The image is watermark-free.

The netizens who begged for screensavers were appeased. 

They gratefully thanked You Qiuqiu and changed their screensavers to feature the same God of Wealth.

A love melon that should have caused a storm in the city abruptly turned around to ask for a screen saver, which can be described as truly unique.

Not only that, but because of the God of Wealth screensaver, some people picked up on You Qiuqiu’s remarks from previous appearances on the show.

Is it true that there are five insurances and one housing fund? How is the treatment?

It nearly became You Qiuqiu’s mantra.

The social animal is a very real thing.

Furthermore, some netizens with magical abilities have discovered You Qiuqiu’s previous Weibo name.

“Oh, do you remember the name of You Qiuqiu’s Weibo at the start? It’s called [Did Qiqiu get rich today?]”

A screenshot of You Qiuqiu’s previous Weibo is attached. 

There’s also You Qiuqiu’s selfie, which hasn’t yet been deleted, so it can’t be faked.

Then everyone on the internet laughed, hahaha, at the big picture.

Yes, this melon is eaten all the way through, and everyone knows it. You Qiuqiu really want to get rich, but her salary does not appear to be very good?

You Qiuqiu couldn’t help but squeeze her hair as she listened to Jiang Tao read netizens’ comments to her.

My God, everyone is a God-level shovel; can this be dug out as well?

It’s nothing to her. 

She isn’t ashamed; after all, that is what she truly believes.

She just hopes Mr. Sheng can hold on and not be angry.

If Mr. Sheng could sense her strong will, he should improve her treatment a bit; she wouldn’t mind at all.

Love melon was transformed into an oolong, and the issue of the Heartbeat Challenge, in which You Qiuqiu participated, was also ushered into the air.

Heartbeat Challenge is a fantastic show that has lasted for two seasons. 

It has a large audience and a lot of repeat viewers. 

You Qiuqiu, a new female artist who appeared in the show, received little attention from the audience.

Regardless of how unexpected, the biggest laughs in this issue came from her and Lan Xuan.

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