I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 33.6

Since Lan Xuan said You Qiuqiu had good luck and let You Qiuqiu spin the wheel, You Qiuqiu went straight to the most difficult horror room, and the audience began to laugh.

It’s just that they started laughing a little earlier.

Lan Xuan, who stated that he was not afraid and wanted to protect You Qiuqiu, was scared out of pigs one after the other after entering the horror room. 

Lan Xuan’s fans’ joy was based on his pain and fear.

All of them didn’t worry about their brother, but they shed tears of laughter.


Later, the show revealed Lan Xuan’s previous big talk, “Qiuqiu don’t be afraid, brother will cover you,” and Lan Xuan jumped up in surprise and hid behind You Qiuqiu.

This is far too amusing.

The barrage is very cheerful.

“Hahaha damn it, I am looking for my head with a smile.”

“Lan Xuan really contracted me for a year of laughter. How could he be embarrassed to laugh at Shi Kang? His reaction is no less than Shi Kang.”

“You Qiuqiu is pretty good, but she’s so courageous?”

You Qiuqiu later taught the “female ghost” proper acting and inquired about her salary. She was more daring than Lan Xuan.

“… She played really well; I wasn’t afraid of the staff; I was afraid of her.”

“Hahaha, what’s up with the cubs? She’s always asking about salary, and my cub really wants to make money.”

“The female ghost was offended and left the scene in tears.”

However, after seeing the ultimate boss, You Qiuqiu was terrified this time, and her face was white with fear.

You Qiuqiu: “I’ll sing you a song.” 

She said this to the monster.

Unknown netizen:? ? ?

Xingqiu who knows You Qiuqiu’s singing:! ! ! You guys don’t speak up!

In the later stages, the program group’s director was also very conscientious, and wrote a line that said, “This is not a drill. High energy ahead. Warm reminders to friends wearing headphones, please take off the headphones, and reduce the volume…”

The program group is conscientious, but it still does not give netizens enough time to respond.

The next second was breathtaking. 

You Qiuqiu disassembled and merged the words into a song and began to sing —

“Big river goes to the east, all the stars follow BeiDou.”

Netizens are about to split up.

F**k, F**k, F**k! Is this some kind of devil pronoun? This is far too frightening!

They were terrified, Mom. They just wanted to watch variety shows and relax. 

Why should they put up with this level of human suffering?

Some people sing for money, while others sing poorly.

This unusually beautiful female artist is clearly the latter.

The author has something to say about it:

Qiu cub: Hi, being mentioned as a popular little flower?

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