I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 34.1

Xingqiu has long known the attributes of their own Qiu cub “Death Singer” but when You Qiuqiu’s magnificent “Hero Song” came out, they couldn’t stand it.

They are going to perish…

They can’t give a compliment without feeling guilty.

After the barrage that was constantly flying, there was a brief pause, and then someone made a weak voice.

“Are there any living people… OK, I’ll be scared to death at night…”

“But I’m a dead person. Squeak… After hearing this song, I was overwhelmed and went peacefully.”

“I can’t do it anymore. I was so terrified that I leaped to my feet and turned off the music. This is incredible!”

“Put your fear on the barrage, brothers, and sisters.”


“Fear” pervaded the entire barrage.

What about a good, cheerful song? Who said this was a helpless and weak female artist?

Let’s kill this female artist on the internet!

The terrifying monster is pitiful.

They can remove their headphones and lower the volume, but the “monster” cannot. 

What has it done wrong?

The show’s monsters did indeed lose out steadily, and the episode of opening the door and letting You Qiuqiu also made the audience laugh out loud.

Really, a humble person.

You Qiuqiu didn’t leave. She was dissatisfied with the small gains and demanded the key. Because the monster didn’t tell her, she opened her mouth and sing once more.

Finally, the monster made a direct compromise and handed over the key. 

You Qiuqiu also inquired about Lan Xuan’s whereabouts, completely using the monster as a tool man.

“I feel sorry for the Horror House staff for a split second.”

But then the “hahaha” came in like a flood, exposing them completely.

You Qiuqiu did not abandon Lan Xuan. It was faithful enough in the eyes of the audience. 

You Qiuqiu’s singing just now knocked everyone down. They would have forgotten about Lan Xuan if it hadn’t been for You Qiuqiu’s reminder.

Yes, Lan Xuan is with You Qiuqiu in the Horror House, and he also contributed to the jokes in the previous scene. 

Why did he vanish?

You Qiuqiu discovered Lan Xuan as soon as the camera turned.

A strong and tall retired basketball player, who has a max boyfriend value, was hiding in a corner, covering his head.

The key point is that when he saw You Qiuqiu, he took her to hide with him, telling her it was safe.

As an audience member watching the entire event from God’s point of view: No, this is a wolf slaying, a woman who scares “monster” to speechless!

Lan Xuan immediately informed You Qiuqiu that there was a ghost attack outside, singing “You die, I die all dead.” 

You Qiuqiu immediately opened her mic and sang the original lyrics to him, bringing the entire atmosphere to a climax.

Lan Xuan appeared to be dull after hearing “Hero Song” by You Qiuqiu.

The barrage was filled with “hahaha” and nearly killed everyone.

Why is there such a strange direction for a good Horror House?

Looking at the entire clip, it’s clear that everyone has an impression, and it’s a deep one.

You Qiuqiu is truly a Death Singer.

The following remarks about You Qiuqiu drinking Ice Cola may appear absurd at first, but it is important to listen carefully.

Now you don’t have to worry about getting fat from drinking Cola. If you want to drink it, get an Ice Cola. In any case, heat expands, and cold contracts! (no)

Xingqiu took advantage of the opportunity to begin the rest of You Qiuqiu’s operation. Just laugh. Qiu cub not only said in the show that drinking Ice Cola will not get you fat when the heat expands, and the cold shrinks. She used to drink Cola with wolfberry and eat ice cream with the flavor of red dates. It is a healthy girl.

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