I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 34.2

“Heartbeat Challenge” was originally a popular show, and the regular guests were well-known celebrities. The invited guests are traffic celebrities or male and female hosts of popular film and television dramas. Basically, it will be popularly searched for every time it is broadcast.

This time is no different.

However, [You Qiuqiu Mermaid Singer] is a popular search term.

Xingqiu’s first reaction when they saw this hot search entry was:??

They felt the malice of the world after confirming three times that it was a mermaid singer, not a death singer.

People’s trust in one another.

Is it really okay to play like this?



Not only was Xingqiu silent when they saw this hot search entry, so were the rest of the netizens who watched “Heartbeat Challenge.”

Then they began to release the water quickly, sincerely… and nonsense.

“I will prove that You Qiuqiu is truly amazing. She should be a singer rather than an actor.”

“The younger sister singer is too sweet and charming, and her singing directly enchanted me. In fact, it’s not that great, so I only listened to it ten times.”

“You Qiuqiu is lovely and has a lovely voice; everyone should watch “Heart Challenge” and listen to You Qiuqiu sing. 

She is a true mermaid singer, so wonderful!!!”

As a result of this overwhelming recommendation, many people stepped directly on the thunder.

They dubiously opened You Qiuqiu singing clip, then ran out crying.

F**k, F**k, F**k! You’re a liar!

Paying a lot of money for a pair of ears that have never heard You Qiuqiu sing. What is the mermaid singer? This is death’s voice!

Netizens who watched “Heartbeat Challenge” were pleased to see that someone was tricked into listening to You Qiuqiu sing. They can’t let only themselves be uncomfortable.

They have the same mindset as the netizens who were deceived by hot searches. Can’t let them be uncomfortable by themselves; good sisters and brothers should share.

“You Qiuqiu is beautiful and can sing sweetly, mermaid singer You Qiuqiu~, people who listened to it would cry.”

Because of this psychological effect, many plastic sisters’ friendships were on the verge of collapsing on this day, and many lovers who appeared to be divorced were on the verge of breaking up on this day.

This is a national celebration.

You Qiuqiu succeeded in improvising on a song called “Hero Song” in “Heartbeat Challenge.”

Since college, You Qiuqiu has had a contract with the company. She has remained relatively unknown despite many years have passed. 

The last two times she has been in the circle, it has not been because of film or television work. At the awards ceremony, she fell asleep with her mouth open, and she once sang a Chinese song on the show.

When You Qiuqiu saw her name associated with the mermaid singer on the hot search, she was taken aback.


Everyone says she sings badly, and she’s come to terms with it. Is she rediscovering her ability to sing now?

She had previously won first place in singing competitions, so it wouldn’t be too bad.

This mermaid singer’s rainbow fart. It’s a bit too much…

She considers herself to be fairly thick-skinned and a little embarrassed now.

But when You Qiuqiu’s face was enthusiastically clicked into the hot search and discovered what was going on, her smile converged and became one: Oh.

Everyone was playing tricks on her. It turned out they weren’t really complimenting her on her singing.

Jiang Tao has also been giggling uncontrollably at You Qiuqiu’s singing over the last two days.

Why is You Qiuqiu so beautiful and have such a good voice, but her singing is so disastrous?

Jiang Tao noticed You Qiqiu, who appeared to be in a bad mood. She used her phone to look for comments, but she came across something extraordinary.

“Qiuqiu, there are still positive reviews. Some people said they wanted to thank you for this Hero Song.”

You Qiuqiu:?

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