I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 34.3

She didn’t believe it, but she still pricked her ears.

She had only heard Jiang Tao read: “I’m not sure if You Qiuqiu will read this Weibo. I am a senior in high school who attends classes during the day. Every time I return to study late at night, I pass through an alley. I’ll be terrified if I pass by there until I hear your “Hero Song.”

Jiang Tao took a breather and resumed reading. “I released the loudest volume of your “Hero Song” while passing through the alleys, and then I felt my heart calm and my body full of righteousness. All ghosts and evil monsters would flee after hearing this song. I am grateful and hope that You Qiuqiu will continue to compose music and accompany me to study and return home later in the evening.”

You Qiuqiu: “…” She felt offended.


It turned out to be a wonderful thank you.

When Jiang Tao saw this Weibo, she still thought it was hilarious, so she read it to You Qiuqiu, but after she finished speaking, she thought about it, and it seemed that the person involved was not pleased with the comment.

After all, the description of singing can be avoided by ghosts and evil monsters.

Jiang Tao: “I’ll show you another one.”

Jiang Tao was stopped by You Qiuqiu.

She borrowed Jiang Tao’s phone after obtaining Jiang Tao’s permission. She first stated her identity and then stated that she was You Qiuqiu’s assistant in Jiang Tao’s tone. 

You Qiuqiu was overjoyed that the song she sang was well received by blogger, and don’t let her be afraid on the way back. Furthermore, she wishes the blogger success, with the title of the gold list, and admission to the ideal university.

Lastly, “Could you please give me your phone number so I can send you a private message if it is convenient? I’d like to give you a small alarm gift.”

Jiang Tao noticed that You Qiuqiu had edited these words all along. The woman’s face was exquisite and smooth; she was probably thinking about something, and her lips were still pressed, and she appeared very serious.

“Qiuqiu, do you want to send her an alarm?” Jiang Tao inquired.

You Qiuqiu nodded.

She noticed the blogger was in her third year of high school, returning home late and passing through a small alley. It’s too risky to rely solely on a song. She can send her an alarm, and if she truly encounters a unique situation, she can sound the alarm.

Of course, You Qiuqiu hopes there will never be a day when the alarm will be used.

Jiang Tao’s heart warmed, and she couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth, muttering, “It’s great.”

You Qiuqiu handed the phone back to Jiang Tao after she finished typing. 

Jiang Tao later told her that the blogger had contacted her and that she was overjoyed. 

Jiang Tao help send You Qiuqiu’s alarm, which was already optimistic.

This is just an episode. You Qiuqiu has forgotten after sending the alarm. Her vegetative role has come to an end. There is still a little shot of the ancient martial arts parkour woman.

In modern crews, You Qiuqiu are most familiar with the sickbed. After all, she lay for the duration of the film, and the bed was almost pressed out of her shape.

Sheng Shiyun found You Qiuqiu again and told her she had come to work after You Qiuqiu’s vegetative character was finished and the title of mermaid singer or death singer became popular.

“You’re going to record a talent show next week, which includes singing.”

You Qiuqiu was stunned when she heard the sentence.

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