I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 34.4

“No…Which show want to invite me?”

Netizens stamp on her singing voice to dispel ghosts and evil demons. 

Is there a minimum requirement for singing programs?

You Qiuqiu, on the other hand, was taken aback for three seconds. 

She knew that if Mr. Sheng could give her the job, then the labor costs would be unavoidable; as long as the money was provided, it was simple to discuss.

“What is the process?”


“Do I need to make up a tragic story—that is, I am especially suffering because I have wanted to sing since I was a child?”

“But, Mr. Sheng, you should talk to the director about it. I still don’t want to say that both of my parents are deceased. My parents are still alive. They may severely educate me if they watch the show and I say they are gone.”

You Qiuqiu believes she can cooperate if her parents are not involved.

If the program team wants her to cry, she can do so. After all, she is a professional.

Sheng Shiyun raised his eyebrows slowly as he looked at the woman across the room. 

“You overthink things.”

“You don’t have to cry, and you don’t have to discuss your ideas. The program group is not so incapable of thinking about it.”

Let You Qiuqiu sing in a loud voice? Does the crew still want to shoot their show?

You Qiuqiu: So?

What’s going on? She’d like to know the details.

“The program team invites you to be a special guest, which can be regarded as a kind of mentor,” says Sheng Shiyun.

When You Qiuqiu learned that she was not a player, but a mentor, she fell silent.

“Mr. Sheng, or forget it. I think this show is lying,” she said after a brief pause.

Are you serious?

It’s weird to let her be a player, but they let her be a mentor?

Is she really okay?

How good is she?

“Am I really a popular little flower now?” she wonders.

You Qiuqiu even thought of this level.

The marketing account used to say she was a popular little flower, but You Qiuqiu still thought the marketing account was bad and spread false information. 

Netizens have labeled her as a bad singer, but they want to invite her to be a mentor.

It may be possible if it is the treatment of a popular flower. 

After all, it is not based on principles.

You Qiuqiu almost said to Sheng Shiyun, “I am a popular little flower now, so add more money!”

If they don’t give her more money because she’s a popular flower, she’ll quit!

Then she saw the dark eyes under the man’s lens, and with his eyes, he told You Qiuqiu that “You are thinking of farting”.

Have you been blown up by the marketing horn?

To be more specific, the program now has plenty of other audience-rating gimmicks. 

You Qiuqiu, a special guests, is merely a drainage mascot.

When the popular little flower’s dream was crushed, You Qiuqiu succinctly stated, “There are few things but more money.”


“My Voice, My Show” is the name of the singing talent show that invited You Qiuqiu. 

The show’s producers were initially interested in You Qiuqiu because of a recent hot search for a death singer. 

They couldn’t wait to make an official announcement on Weibo after they had negotiated and signed the contract with You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu’s personal account also forwarded the news that official V had posted on Weibo.

Then, without the “My Voice, My Show” program group’s expectations, it was able to attract attention.

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