I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 34.5

Netizen:? ? ? Is it the death singer You Qiuqiu that I’ve been thinking about? Is she going to be a special guest on “My Voice, My Show”? It makes me laugh.

After the netizens’ retaliatory “beautiful” singing of recommendation Qiuqiu, the single “Big river goes east, all the stars follow BeiDou.” became almost poisoned and lingering in many people’s minds.

It’s almost made them want to die. 

“My Voice, My Show” now informs them that You Qiuqiu will be a special guest.

This is also terrible.

Netizens simply believe that “My Voice, My Show” is anti-human. When black fans see it, they can’t help but speculate on how You Qiuqiu could have such a valuable resource.

Xingqiu laughed and said, “After all, they are very popular.”

You Qiuqiu had previously been blown into a popular little flower by an unscrupulous marketing account, and Xingqiu nearly died laughing. They stated that their cub is a popular little flower, implying that they are also fans of a popular little flower!

Xingqiu is still overjoyed that You Qiuqiu has taken over the show. 


It’s fantastic. 

The cub can get a good meal and earn money once more.

They also have an additional channel to appreciate the cubs’ beauty.

You Qiuqiu, the special guest, was unafraid, no matter how much the netizens objected or how grotesque the black fan was.

Time passed quickly. 

You Qiuqiu felt that she had just made an appointment with Mr. Sheng and signed a contract, and the recording time of “My Voice, My Show” had begun.

You Qiuqiu has previously recorded one and two variety shows, but this is the first time there are audiences behind.

You Qiuqiu were intrigued by the audience as they sat together. 

Is this a program group-invited group performance? 

She’s not sure if they’re paid…

“This is the lucky audience, the quota drawn by the lottery.”

Behind You Qiuqiu, there was a chuckle.

“Tao Ge.”

You Qiuqiu turned around and saw Tao Anjie not far away.

Tao Anjie is the mentor of “My Voice, My Show.” You Qiuqiu had known this from Mr. Sheng before she came here.

The entertainment circle was said to be small. After cooperating with Cui Jiannan, You Qiuqiu and Tao Anjie reunited on a show.

Several guests got along well in “Leisure Time,” and Tao Anjie was delighted to see You Qiuqiu again; in fact, he watched the episode of “Heartbeat Challenge” in which You Qiuqiu appeared.

“Your Hero Song is truly exceptional.”

As a professional singer, Tao Anjie finally made this evaluation.

He thought You Qiuqiu was brave, and if he were her, he would not dare to speak up anymore.

You Qiuqiu: She was scared at that time.

The program team most likely knew You Qiuqiu knew Tao Anjie and placed her next to Tao Anjie.

When the show officially began recording, You Qiuqiu noticed that Tao Anjie, who was always talking and making jokes with her, had become serious. 

His demeanor was completely professional, according to the judges.

You Qiuqiu couldn’t understand the professional jargon that Tao Anjie kept using, but she felt that the atmosphere at the scene was very grim.


“Please do not appear on the set of “My Voice, My Show” if you are not prepared. Your performance is a waste of the audience’s time.”

“All right, next one.”

Not only is Tao Anjie strict, but the other instructors are as well.

The program group’s directors are already frowning and eager to escape reality by covering their faces with their hands.

Oh my goodness, it’s back.

This suffocating environment.

This type of mentor is extremely strict and will clash with the players. 

In other shows, it may be a hotspot for publicity, but it is completely unpopular in “My Voice, My Show.”

After all, the entire process took place in such a solidified and rigid environment.

Tao Anjie and several instructors are well-known and respected musicians. Their strength is undeniable, but they are also far too direct in their communication. As a result, the pressure on the players involved has increased, and the audience has been burdened as well.

After all, people nowadays want to relax and find something fun and interesting. Who wants to see the dean teaching people on-site?

It is not that the program group’s director did not have an appointment with Tao Anjie and stated the program group’s concerns, Tao Anjie himself did not want to aggravate the situation.

But when it comes to the official recording, it can’t be changed, and the result is the same.

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