I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 34.6

You Qiuqiu is nervous and notices the tension at the scene. Even with her dressed as a mascot, she is unable to sit down.

Should she make a contribution?

For some reason, the director of the program group thought of the special guest, You Qiuqiu, in this suffocating atmosphere.

He didn’t expect You Qiuqiu to be able to clear the siege, but the people on the left and right also invited her, and with the intention of lighting the situation, he shouted You Qiuqiuin the ear so that she could speak appropriately.

You Qiuqiu nodded, revealing that she was aware of the situation.

Despite the fact that she was at a loss for words.


On the stage now is a young boy wearing a white shirt and holding a guitar, who appears to be one of the fresh campus male gods.

The fresh campus male god was obviously overly nervous because of the black faces of several mentors. 

He dropped his head decadently after plucking the guitar twice.

“I’m sorry… I’m truly sorry… I can’t do it…”

Few people could remain calm on such a large stage, facing so many shots, and the fresh campus male god appeared to be crying after his first mistake.

Tao Anjie’s face is ugly on one side. 

Based on his previous performance, he will resume teaching director-style criticism.

In the next second, however, a sweet female voice could be heard in the studio.

“Don’t worry, it’s all right.”

It is sweet and soft, not the kind that artificially squeezes your throat or has a high sugar content.

When the lens is zoomed in, a face is shot directly in the lens, and the value of the face is not broken at all; the makeup is flawless, clear, and clean, and there is even a slight fluffy peach feeling under the light.

Since the beginning of the recording, You Qiuqiu has rarely spoken.

She sparked a lot of debate from the outside world as a special guest. 

The people who came to participate in the recording were also very interested in her. 

However, as the players took the stage, the instructor made serious remarks about them, and You Qiuqiu had not performed much, so everyone forgot about her.

That is, until now.

She is reassuring the players in order to lighten the mood, but what will she do?

After all, things are so bad right now.

The show’s director shares the audience’s sentiments and believes You Qiuqiu cannot be saved.

You Qiuqiu took the microphone and asked the players on stage, “Do you want me to sing you a song to relax you?”

She assumed a singing posture while speaking.

Program group:!



Even Tao Anjie, who had been black on one side for more than ten minutes, couldn’t hold back. He has a panicked expression on his face. He reached out his hand, as if trying to hold You Qiuqiu next to him.

“Don’t… forget about it.”

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