I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 35.1

You Qiuqiu’s “Hero Song,” which has been trending for a day, is still fresh in many people’s minds. 

How could they allow her to sing it again?

Don’t open your mouth, just say something well!

The fresh campus male god contestant on stage obviously knew You Qiuqiu’s singing abilities as well. 

When You Qiuqiu asked if she needed to sing him a song to relieve the tension, he froze, then shook his head decisively and refused.


“Thank you, You Laoshi. I think I’m okay.”

He is not nervous at all; he did not collapse, and he is extremely relaxed right now. The contestant’s subsequent performance was excellent. There were no other errors. 

Even the stern Tao Anjie couldn’t help but nod, and several teachers swiped through the buttons.

The campus male god came down from the stage, and the host specially interviewed him. After a lot of courtesy, he said to the camera, “I especially want to thank You Laoshi.”

Host: He understands that You Qiuqiu’s words gave you the courage to open your voice.

Although You Qiuqiu teased that she wanted to sing and the audience was about to split, but the effect was undeniably positive.

The initially frozen atmosphere quickly warmed, and the program director smiled as he breathed a sigh of relief.

You Qiuqiu was only invited because of her death singer’s gimmick. He wanted to add something to watch.  

He hadn’t expected… she was quite good?

Then You Qiuqiu took on a full-fledged warming role.

When some players expressed their lack of confidence, You Qiuqiu took the microphone and asked, “Why are you not confident? I came to “My Voice, My Show” to take this seat, and I am very confident.” Although it was mainly because of money.

The audience then burst out laughing.

You Qiuqiu is a well-known death singer, and at least half the Internet is familiar with her. 

When she was unexpectedly invited as a guest, there were still many doubts.

The audience expected You Qiuqiu to avoid this, but she unexpectedly took the initiative to say it herself.

Is it really acceptable to admit your flaws?

However, in this manner, the audience immediately let go. 

The “My Voice, My Show” program has never had such a harmonious atmosphere, and the program group’s director is on the verge of crying this time.

They were moved to tears.

Some viewers couldn’t stop themselves from taking out their phones and posting on Weibo.

“I’m recording “My Music, My Show.” I didn’t have any special feelings for You Qiuqiu. I thought she was lovely when I saw her photos. The song she sang during a hot search was horrible. I wasn’t expecting to see her today, either. Her EQ is extremely high, and I adore it!”

Xingqiu frequently searches the Internet for You Qiuqiu-related information and rushed in excitedly after reading this one.

“Ah ah ah, I’m so envious of the blogger!”

“I appreciate the blogger’s compliment. The cub’s old mother smiled contentedly.”

“You Qiuqiu, the treasure girl. Stunning sand sculpture, oh. Do you have any cub’s photos, blogger?

The blogger was in a good spot, and the angle was perfect. 

When she saw Xingqiu’s comment about wanting You Qiuqiu’s picture, she panicked and turned on her phone’s camera, secretly planning to start taking pictures.

It was the first time she had snuck a celebrity picture. 

She was nervous, but You Qiuqiu, who had been watching the stage the entire time, turned her head and looked at the audience member who was taking a photo of her with a mobile phone.


She was apprehended by the master, her hands trembling, and her head slammed. 

Even if she didn’t look in the mirror, she could tell she was blushing.

The beautiful woman sitting in the mentor’s seat gave her a bright smile when she was about to turn off the phone.

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