I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 35.2

The blogger’s brain exploded once more, and she snapped a photo.

The original camera on the mobile phone has no filters or beautifications, but the surrounding people appear to be foiled and blurry, and she only feels that the entire picture is You Qiuqiu’s existence, and nothing else can be seen.

Xingqiu did not expect the blogger sending photos of the cub. 

They didn’t expect her to send them out, and the blogger even said her feeling.

“Awsl, she’s really good looking. I was caught secretly taking photos of her just now, and my heart was about to burst. She didn’t get angry and instead smiled at me. As a girl, I almost fell in love with her.”


Xingqiu screamed alongside the blogger, and the cub was back online.

By the way, hurry up and give the blogger Qiuqiu’s recommendation video.

No one knows when Xingqiu will start the recommendation mode, as long as they encounter the right opportunity.  

They probably have to show compassion for their cub because her resources are limited, and the boss is black-hearted.

You Qiuqiu did not know that her fans had turned back into tap water, and that there was a female audience member who had turned into her own fan on the spot.

She’s just… tired right now.

Her mouth is parched.

She really said too much just now.

You Qiuqiu felt that Mr. Sheng made a mistake this time. He claimed she only needed to be a mascot, so why is she still acting as a psychological counsellor?

She hadn’t known this before, and she became a monk halfway through, but it appears that everyone has responded positively, so that’s fine.

During the intermission, the program group’s director couldn’t be happier with You Qiuqiu and praised her several times.

“Tired, aren’t you?”

You Qiuqiu was sitting in the mentor’s seat, and there was no camera following her, so she abandoned the etiquette and revealed her original shape, paralysed.

Her eyes were dull, and she didn’t want to say anything after becoming dehydrated.

Tao Anjie was the one who noticed the changes in You Qiuqiu. You Qiuqiu performed unexpectedly well today. Tao Anjie was also aware that he had been saved. Seeing that You Qiuqiu was so dazzling and so excited when recorded just now, he wanted to laugh.

“It’s mostly thirsty,” You Qiuqiu says.

Tao Anjie handed You Qiuqiu a bottle of drink, and when You Qiuqiu looked at it, he explained, “The sponsor will not allow other drinks to appear in the program group. The taste is good, but the water is a little sweet, which quenches your thirst.”

When you Qiuqiu asked Tao Anjie if he would drink it, Tao Anjie shook his head.

He isn’t interested in drinking this. 

This drink has been here for so long that he is tired of drinking it, and if he wants to drink it, he could contact the program staff as soon as possible.

There is no shortage of this drink, just as there is no shortage of program groups.

You Qiuqiu observed that the other mentors had a share as well. They even placed a few boxes nearby, so she did not decline.

She took the drink, opened the lid, and began drinking after thanking Tao Anjie.

The cameraman next to her, who was already resting, noticed You Qiuqiu sipping her drink and pointed the camera at her once more.

Her drinking technique was excellent, and her speed was not slow. 

However, half of the bottle vanished in the blink of an eye. 

The brand owner’s father should be overjoyed when this scene is about to air.

You Qiuqiu enjoys the taste of this drink, which has a hint of sweet citrus flavour.

In fact, she hasn’t eaten citrus fruits in a long time. 

Drinking a bottle shouldn’t have any effect on her skin tone, right?

When You Qiuqiu looked at the half-bottle of the drink and considered it, she paused slightly.

But soon after, she leaned back and drank almost all of it.

She can’t manage that much. It’s important to drink first.

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