I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 35.4

Initially, only a few people stated it, and the netizens did not take it seriously. They thought it was rumours. 

However, as more witnesses at the scene acknowledged and more photos were released, this remark became more credible.

There are panicked program crews, Tao Anjie with a dignified expression, and a slender woman who was escorted to the ambulances in the photograph.

The woman wears a mask and reveals a pair of perceptive eyes, but Xingqiu only needs a cutout to identify Qiu cub. This is a dark image, but the eyes are also visible.

Xingqiu’s heart were squeezed as they realised what had happened to the cub.

The program team was already stabilising the scene and telling everyone not to post it on Weibo or anywhere public as soon as You Qiuqiu lost her voice, but this was still unstoppable.

Xingqiu were in a state of panic, and netizens were discussing it as well. 

The “My Voice, My Show” program group’s director and staff are not in a good mood.

Jiang Tao cried beside You Qiuqiu as she went to the hospital.

You Qiuqiu was initially concerned when she suddenly lost her voice, but when she saw Jiang Tao crying with her eyes full of tears, she could crack a joke.

She can’t speak right now, so You Qiuqiu type on her phone.

Don’t worry, it’s all right to cry.

This is most likely God’s punishment for me. 

Who made me say to sing and scare everyone, so he just turned off the mic?

Really. Closed the mic.

After all, You Qiuqiu can’t say a word now.

Jiang Tao initially sobbed uncontrollably, but after seeing the words that You Qiuqiu struck in front of her…

She couldn’t cry any longer.

Why is her celebrity so lovable?

“Why don’t you worry…”

Jiang Tao wiped away her tears. 

She was aware that You Qiuqiu was comforting herself, and You Qiuqiu quickly provided her with a tissue on the floor.

Facing Jiang Tao’s question, You Qiuqiu: Is worry useful?

Anyway, she’s in the van, and she’ll know what’s going on when she arrives at the hospital.

You Qiuqiu was the calmest of them all. 

She appeared to be a little out of place in comparison to someone who was serious or sad next to her, and she looked like a random passerby.

Fortunately, the outcome was not disastrous. 

After a long wait, the doctor informed You Qiuqiu that she was drinking an irritating liquid that would harm her throat. She might not make a sound during this time, but she would gradually recover.

When You Qiuqiu heard this, she was relieved.

Okay, God isn’t that cruel. It’s just that it was closed for a while.

Tao Anjie breathed a sigh of relief, but his expression remained grim.

Because as soon as the You Qiuqiu check result was announced, he received another confirmation.

The bottle of drink he handed You Qiuqiu had a problem, according to laboratory tests. 

The drink itself was fine, but the bottle had been touched by someone.

It was intended for him. It’s just that the person didn’t expect him not drinking it. Instead, he gave it to You Qiuqiu to drink.

It can be regarded as You Qiuqiu to help him block this risk.

Tao Anjie will focus on a national tour in two days. 

If he loses his voice, he’ll be in big trouble.

And he’s a professional singer. His voice is as important to him as his life.

The doctor simply stated the findings of the examination and stated that You Qiuqiu’s throat problem was not serious and that she should recover for some time. 

However, these irritant liquids do not rule out a change in the throat voice sound.

Tao Anjie’s heart is disgusting, and those who worked on Tao Anjie’s drink almost want to ruin Tao Anjie’s star journey and life!

Tao Anjie had escaped the disaster but could not loosen up. He even felt that it was better for him to drink it himself. Now, innocent people are involved.

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