I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 35.6

Sheng Shiyun stopped a group of people who wanted to explain it to him.

“Let’s talk later; first, I’d like to see the artist’s situation.”

The whole thing will not affect even if they talk about it later. He just wants to make sure there’s no problem with You Qiuqiu itself.

The program team can also understand why Tao Anjie wanted to see You Qiuqiu’s boss and felt that the You Qiuqiu company did not make any trouble.

“I’ll take you to the ward.”

Tao Anjie took the initiative to bring Sheng Shiyun to You Qiuqiu’s ward.

Although Tao Anjie’s agent refused to tell him the truth, the real version of Farmer and Snake was finally revealed. 

Tao Anjie now appears to be five years older all at once, due to his poor mental health.

Tao Anjie forcibly smiled and was extremely friendly to Sheng Shiyun. Sheng Shiyun responded with a nod. They went to the ward where You Qiuqiu was located.

In fact, You Qiuqiu did not believe she needed to be hospitalized, but Tao Anjie and the program group treated her like a fragile doll, refusing to let her out of the hospital after she had been beaten to death.

Sheng Shiyun believes that both men and women will feel a great deal of pressure if they suddenly lose their voice. 

Sheng Shiyun is even considering how to console You Qiuqiu on the way.

Then, as he approached the ward’s door, I heard a group of cheerful men laughing inside.

Sheng Shiyun:?

He looked at Tao Anjie next to him, who was also perplexed.


Tao Anjie said hesitantly to Sheng Shiyun.

It also shouldn’t be a doctor. The doctor is so happy when facing You Qiuqiu who can’t talk?

Sheng Shiyun reached out and knocked three times on the door, which opened.

You Qiuqiu, flew away like a bird leaving its nest.

She heard Sheng Shiyun and greeted him. “Mr. Sheng, you’ve arrived.”

Her voice has a low baritone tone to it.

You Qiuqiu’s baritone tone is completely inconsistent with her own image!

There is an indescribable sense of subtle violation with such a face.

You Qiuqiu poked her head out and called out to Tao Anjie behind him. She was a little ecstatic.

“Come on, Tao Ge, listen to me sing you a song!”

“You can make a sound?” Sheng Shiyun was surprised.

When he answered Jiang Tao’s phone call, he overheard Jiang Tao say that something happened to You Qiuqiu on the scene at the recording site, and she couldn’t say anything.

“En!” You Qiuqiu said. 

She could speak for the first time only five minutes ago.

After responding to Sheng Shiyun’s words, she requested something from Tao Anjie. 

“Tao Ge, I will sing, please give me a comment,” she squinted her eyes at Tao Anjie.

Tao Anjie: “…?”

But You Qiuqiu changed was because of him. 

Tao Anjie found it easy to listen to her sing in this circumstance.

You Qiuqiu cleared her throat and began to sing——

She sang only a short passage before looking expectantly at Tao Anjie.

“Not bad,” Tao Anjie said, his face flushed with surprise.

He didn’t lie. It was excellent. 

He had previously heard of You Qiuqiu’s singing level, but now she has found the tune.

Although it was a male voice.

Sheng Shiyun:? ? ?

You Qiuqiu received professional feedback, and she eventually admitted that she did not appear to be the previous death singer.

She sang a few words to Jiang Tao when she could make a sound. Jiang Tao raps and sings exceptionally well.

You Qiuqiu drank the throat-irritating liquid and switched from a normal female voice to a baritone.

But she grew stronger.

The author has something to say:

Qiuqiu (ecstatic): I’ve changed my voice, but I’ve grown stronger!

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