I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 36.1

This transformation is too magical for You Qiuqiu.It can be like this!She was bubbly over there, and Sheng Shiyun was dependable. He was skeptical about his life, so he went to see a doctor.

The doctor was unsurprised by You Qiuqiu’s baritone voice. She has a wonderful voice. Anyone who has been affected can make any noise they want. Even if someone only gets a bad cold once, they may develop a very thick voice.

Of course, a pure baritone like You Qiuqiu is still uncommon.

Sheng Shiyun was informed that You Qiuqiu’s current condition is not a big issue. 

This is a side effect of drinking something irritating to the throat, and it will go away after a while.

Sheng Shiyun knew that You Qiuqiu had previously lost her voice and had heard that the doctor had already determined that it would not have a significant impact, so he relaxed a little.

From losing his voice to becoming a baritone… It’s better than the former, right?


With a question mark.

Sheng Shiyun noticed that You Qiuqiu, who made a completely inconsistent sound with her appearance, was already arranging for Jiang Tao to record the song for her, and while recording, she would also ask Tao Anjie’s opinion next to her.

She is having a good time.

You Qiuqiu: Well, it’s not out of tune, so I should record a few more songs!

The moment has arrived. Even if You Qiuqiu don’t want to know that she sings badly, it is difficult for her to accept after hearing complaints from netizens that her death singing was pressing against their heads. She has clearly won first place in previous singing competitions, and her family has not stated that she sings poorly.

People who sing out of tune do not know what the hell they are creating when they sing. The child is the most perfect existence in the eyes of the family, so You Qiuqiu has been blinded for so many years, and she didn’t know her attributes until she was so old.

Of course, netizens are aware as well.

Sheng Shiyun stood on one side, staring at the woman over there singing love songs with men’s voices. 

He let out a long sigh of relief as he leaned against the wall.

Let her do whatever she wants. She is happy.

He stood there for a moment, then turned and left the ward.

He is certain that You Qiuqiu is very good and thrilled, so he must now understand the entire situation.

Tao Anjie was initially very guilty, but You Qiuqiu kept pulling him and asking him to comment on her singing. 

Tao Anjie noticed You Qiuqiu’s excitement and felt somewhat better at the end.

It’s just more or less.

If You Qiuqiu experienced a physical mutation on this day, and she herself adjusted to be strangely happy (? ), Tao Anjie received the cruel impact from his soul, and his three views were all meant to be crushed.

He was bitten by a player he admired, and that person couldn’t wait to kill him.

Tao Anjie led You Qiuqiu to the side and went outside for a while, intending to follow up on the situation.

“Tao Ge is in a bad mood.”

You Qiuqiu also stopped recording after Tao Anjie left and said something to Jiang Tao.

Jiang Tao remained silent.

They are also aware of the entire situation from the program group, and no one is pleased when they come across it.

“Are you okay?”

Jiang Tao thought You Qiuqiu had a big heart because she was shot while lying down and was still thinking about Tao Anjie. They were completely innocent and did nothing wrong. Qiuqiu attends the program in order to make money.

But when Jiang Tao asked this question, she was met with the woman’s sparkling eyes.

You Qiuqiu: “Huh?”

Jiang Tao decided to retract her previous statement. 

She had the impression that You Qiuqiu was in a good mood.

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