I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 36.2

You Qiuqiu: “Did you remember the player’s name? I want to see his previous participation videos.”

Jiang Tao had a hazy recollection of the names of the players mentioned by the program group. She assisted You Qiuqiu in searching for the clips from the previous “My Music, My Show” in which the player took part.

You Qiuqiu examined the tablet Jiang Tao handed over with care.

Today, she witnessed Tao Ge’s remarks firsthand. Although Tao Ge would stiffen the atmosphere, there should be no unnecessary words. 

Would that player inflict harm on Tao Ge because of Tao Ge’s negative attitude toward him?

Regardless of the reason, that player would be insane to carry out the sabotage; it would be a terrible mistake.

And after watching all the videos with You Qiuqiu, she realized Tao Ge wasn’t entirely wrong.

Even if she knows Tao Ge and has the usual filters for him, she is confident that Tao Ge has not been excessive to the players from start to finish.

On the contrary, he has been helping him.

An unexpected incident occurred at the “My Voice, My Show” recording location. 

You Qiuqiu, a special guest, was suspected of losing her voice on the spot and was dragged away by ambulance. There was a lot of uproar throughout the network.

Netizens are all squatting under program V, demanding the truth.

The program group “My Voice, My Show” did not remind silent. 

A few hours after the incident, the police announced the truth to the public.

The contestant was dissatisfied with the mentor, Tao Anjie, and maliciously infused the drink with a stimulating liquid. 

The special guest, You Qiuqiu, who has been admitted to the hospital for observation, drank the drink.

The offender was immediately removed from the competition and turned over to the police for legal proceedings.

They will never tolerate it.

They cleared the process for a few hours, determined the victim of the crime, and reported the outcome. It was not sloppy in the least. It was so clean and tidy that even the most discerning netizens couldn’t find a flaw.

Don’t look at the contestant who said “rigidly” when he was picked out.  

He didn’t feel scared at all, but when someone from the relevant department came over and told him he was facing criminal charges, he panicked.

His family came specifically for this incident, crying and pleading with Tao Anjie to give the contestant a chance, claiming that he was only a child.

Tao Anjie’s agent openly mocked the family’s heinous behavior. He was a college-educated child who was regarded as a fart child.

You Qiuqiu has recently graduated from university and is a child. 

What kind of sin has she committed?

After crying and complaining, the family became savage and threatened Tao Anjie. Saying he was bullying them because of his social standing. They would go to the newspaper to expose Tao Anjie and ruin his reputation.

Sheng Shiyun cut them off.

“Do not make a loud noise in the hospital in order to disrupt public order.”

“Every threatening word has been recorded.” 

He was holding his cell phone.

Tao Anjie’s agent then remembered this group of people’s headaches just now, and there was no recording, and thanked Sheng Shiyun.

Tao Anjie wiped his brow with both hands and told them, “It is pointless to say anything. We’re going to sue you. If you appear in front of me, I will call the cops.”

He nearly destroyed his life by involving innocent people. Why did he not use legal channels?


The contestant was upset with the instructor and openly added stimulating liquid to the drink. 

The results exploded on Weibo as soon as they were released. The word “explosive” appears in a popular Weibo search.

The program group’s evidence is extensive, ranging from the players’ hands-on monitoring of the drinks to the test reports, all of which were posted online.

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